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Directed by: Jose Muniain
Category: Web Short
Year & Country: 2016, United States
Duration: 2 min
Synopsis: A 140 sec film based on a tweet that deals with eviction and mental health. #cake is the result of the #makescript project, a twitter campaign where I asked audiences for ideas and inspiration to make a film. I wanted to explore how to involve audiences at the beginning of the creative process. As a filmmaker and storyteller I fancied the idea of creating relevant meaningful content in 140 seconds. #cake was developed on twitter with the constrain of 140 characters, I wanted to bring this constrain to the production of the video. 
Directed by: cristian tomassini
Category: Web, thriller, horror, noir
Year & Country: 2016, Italy
Duration: 12 min
SynopsisOnyros is an organization that under the cover of a broadcasting company, presents a secret structure with one purpose only: to feed on the vital energy produced by people’s dreams. The energy extracted from dreams is the most powerful drug ever tested. Onyros takes it through some extractors, who are selected among the victims of the organization for their relational and seductive skills. Extractors ignore the existence of Onyros and are exclusively in touch with their referent. They act by inertia: they lure their potential victims, gain their trust and deprive them of their dreams through an extraction process which condenses these sources of vital energy into one single precious tear. 
Directed by: Jordan Simpson
Category: Web, Experimental, Short, Student
Year & Country: 2016, United Kingdom
Duration: 1 min
Synopsis: A serial womaniser preys on women in downtown bars with malicious intent. Dark, pulsating, non-dialogue thriller
Towel Man
Directed by:Annabel Troost
Category: Web
Year & Country: 2016, Netherlands
Duration: 4 min
SynopsisA short film about a young man caught in his home and in his mind.
Website: N/A
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