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December 12, 2023

God's Don't Breathe
Category: Short
Year & Country: 2023, Belgium
Duration: 16 min
Synopsis: Breathing well is fundamental and calming, but sometimes I forgot how to breathe fundamental nor calm. I breathe too short, too fast, too weak, too soft or sometimes even absent... So I decided to let my own lungs do it, of course, to give them time. This way, everything calms down. But to breathe easier, to be healthy, will that lead us to immortality, like the gods? Becky's mother has super lungs, but she doesn't know how to make good use of them. When the inflatable castle for the birthday party fails to inflate due to insuff
icient electricity, Becky's mother decides to use her super lungs to blow the inflatable gigantic castle herself.
je te ferrai.jpg
Je te ferai un film

Directed by: Amani Jaafer

Category: Short

Year & Country: 2023, Tunisia
Duration: 19 min

Synopsis: A misunderstanding between Nadia, a cineast and her former lover sparks a slow-burning conflict that delves deep into their shared past, exploring the bittersweet nuances of longing and moving on and navigating the complexities of love and heartbreak.
Don't Choke

Directed by: Sonny Baez

Category: Short

Year : 2022, United Kingdom

Duration: 25 min
Synopsis: A divorcing couple plays a match of tennis for the custody of their daughter.
The white horse

Directed by: Goran Mihailov
Category: Short
Year & Country: 2023, Romania

Duration: 17 min
Synopsis: A couple's daily routine is interrupted by an unexpected threat.
El Capitán Paco
Directed by: Rodrigo Oliva

Category: Short, Student

Year & Country: 2023, Mexico
Duration:  25 min

SynopsisPaco is a public transportation driver who deals with his stressful job every day, until the imagination of Sarah, his daughter, turns him into the captain of a spaceship and gives him another perspective on his problems.
The Limelight Life
Directed by: Juho-Pekka Tanskanen
Category: Short
Year & Country: 2022, Finland

Duration: 20
Alma (Alma Pöysti, 'Fallen leaves') is a reality tv show host sick of her job and her life. She's lost her grip on her work and gets the last chance from her producer to go with her film crew and find out what has happened to a celeb, who wet himself on a live tv dance show. As the filming day grows longer, things start to get strange turns and Alma starts to realise something about her life and profession she has not realised before. 
The Limelight Life is a film about the sometimes absurd need to be seen and loved that we humans have in common.

Directed by: Gabriel Camaj
Category: Short
Year & Country: 2023, Montenegro
Duration: 23 min
Synopsis:  Ana had been planning to leave her home and her job at the family bakery for 6 years, ever since her mother's passing. Her strict father only makes it more difficult for her, but it seems that she might finally leave.
Expectations and Other Products

Directed by: Dali Rust
Category: Short
Year & Country: 2023, Lithuania

Duration: 15 min
Synopsis: A kiosk vendor stands in an empty market daydreaming and meeting strangers. "Commodities with souls, like people, are physical, although they don't speak, they feel pain. Traders as intermediaries, goods pass through hands, constantly changing, like colored clouds" – A.I. blares from the radio.
expectations and other products.jpg
I'm Not Finished

Directed by: Rebecca Gallon
Category: Short
Year & Country: 2023, United Kingdom
Duration: 15 min
When Alex arrives at his friend's party, he meets Ellie and sparks immediately fly. But when one makes a move and takes things too far, the other must leave and deal with the emotional repercussions. Based on true events. 
I'm Not Finished challenges stigmas around male victims of female-perpetrated sexual assault. I'm Not Finished is supported by the charity SurvivorsUK and includes a message before the end credits regarding sexual assault and where survivors can receive support.
Peace Off!

Directed by: Stefan Mandachi
Category: Short
Year & Country: 2022, Romania 
Duration: 15 min
Synopsis:  A few simple steps to achieve the inner peace.
A Christmas Matter

Directed by: Edwin Mullane

Category: Short
Year & Country: 2023, Ireland

Duration: 12 min

Synopsis: Christmas night in Accident & Emergency! Tone and Deal haven't spent time together all year, but when their son has a fall down the stairs they are forced to change their Christmas plans and talk things though.

Sticky Fingers

Directed by: Nicolai Joseph
Category: Short
Country: Canada
Duration: 27
Synopsis: Facing debts and violent consequences with a local mob enforcer, two lowlife criminal brothers scheme with their partners to steal an expensive watch. But after their plan is shot to hell, the brothers find a surprise waiting for them in their escape.
Love Without Words

Directed by: Octavian Iacob
Category: Short

Year & Country: 2023, Romania
Duration: 24 min
Synopsis: "Love without words" is a love story of a girl born without hearing abilities, Alexia, and a charming man, Mihai. She is a painter, a gentle nature, used to the stigma of
Society, due to her condition. He's a lawyer, an intelligent guy, slightly superficial and in love with life. She attracts his attention with her beauty, in a moment of an accident. Mihai does not understand why she refuses any communication, until he realizes that she is deaf. Can a love without words exist?
My Toy

Directed by: Mazen Haj Kassem

Category: Short

Year & Country: 2023, Denmark

Duration: 9 min
Synopsis: Sarah and Salem are arguing about the toy, but at the end, there is another purpose behind while meeting Their parents.

Directed by: Joshua Blewitt
Category: Short
Year & Country: 2023, United Kingdom
Duration: 11 min
Synopsis: Chez Florentine has just debuted his first feature film “Mean” but when his audience don’t see his vision he begins to question his career and why he wanted to tell stories in the first place.
Where The Magpies Fly

Directed by: Amy Mains

Category: Short
Year & Country: 2023, United Kingdom

Duration: 15 min
Kyle, an avid Newcastle United fan, embarks on a mission to raise funds to take his ailing grandad to the match, one last time. 
A heartwarming love letter to the North East, family and football.
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