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December 19, 2021

something has died.jpg
Directed by: Eva Justine Torkkola
Category: Short, Student
Year & Country: 2020, Australia
Duration: 25 min
Synopsis: A Ukrainian woman, recently migrated to Australia post WW2, struggles to come to terms with her pregnancy as she relives the trauma of losing her first child.
How to be
Directed by: Isabel Bernal
Category: Short

Country: Spain

Duration: 3 min

Synopsis: What happens when the most intimate place of your life is an elevator?
the heavy burden.jpg
Directed by: Ilya Sazhin

Category: Short

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 20 min
Synopsis: He’s a teenager living alone. Every week a beautiful woman dying of cancer visits him to have sex and a good time. He, unaware of her true motives, gives in completely, enjoying her company. Their game goes too far when she takes out a gun, and he can’t find the strength to talk her out of murder.
Heart of Rose Hip
Directed by: Rune Abildgaard
Category: Short
Year & Country: 2021, Denmark

Duration: 22 min
Synopsis: Young Tea postpones her summer trip to take care of her dying mother on the island she grew up on. Here she meets the charming Anton who distracts her from realizing something is completely off in her childhood home.
Directed by: Eduardo Brito
Category: FICTION

Year & Country: 2020, Rortugal
Duration:  6 min

Between the northernmost city in the world, on a long polar night, and a foggy summer morning in the south, a dream, with all of its doubts, takes place.
The Warziniek's File
Directed by: Pierre J. Secondi
Category: Dark Comedy, Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi
Year & Country: 2021, France

Duration: 19 min
Synopsis: Paul Warziniek - citizen 4.815.162.342 - is living a happy life. One day, he receives a parking ticket. The only problem is : he doesn't own a car. Paul then decides to go to the Prefecture to settle what seems to be a simple administrative formality.
Directed by: NED FARR
Category: Short
Year & Country: 2021, United States
Duration: 5 min
Synopsis:  After his girlfriend dumps him, a young man hits upon a radical idea to win her back.
Directed by: Daniele De Muro
Category: Short
Year & Country: 2020, Italy
Duration: 15 min
Synopsis: In the borderlands, crossed by climate refugees looking for safety, men face their primordial nature, in a bleak reality where the law of the strongest rules the world. Hidden in an underground shelter and resigned to his fate, the main character observes the definitive decline of society as it surrender to the evil nature of men, until a special encounter, interpreted as a divine sign of light, turns on his faith and hope for the future of humanity.
Incident at school
Directed by: Jacob Thomas Pilgaard
Category: Short
Year & Country: 2020, Denmark
Duration: 23 min
Synopsis:  A shooting at a university—played out for 24 terrifying minutes—in a single unbroken close-up of a young woman hiding in an auditorium.
Directed by: Shira Sznaider
Category: Short, Student
Year & Country: 2020, Israel 
Duration: 26 min
Synopsis:  Michaela Weiss travels to Poland after her grandmother’s death in search of her family history. When she arrives in the small town where her grandmother survived the holocaust she discovers that she looks just like Sonya, a local Polish girl who has been missing for the last two years.
The Student
Directed by: Vasileios Kalamakis
Category: Short, Student
Year & Country: 2021, Greece

Duration: 9 min
Synopsis:  In November 1973, there was a 3 days demonstration against the Greek Dictatorship. It all ended when the military involved by braking down the gate of the Polytechnic University of Athens. We follow the final minutes of the crew of the armored tank that broke in the University, ending the uprising against the regime.
Directed by: Kilian THOMAS
Category: Short
Year & Country: 2021, France
Duration: 18 min
Synopsis: Matthieu and Alexanne are living the perfect love story. But while the idyll of the first days gives way to routine, Alexanne gradually becomes aware of her condition...
Extravaganzia Large, Thin Crust and Hot Sauce
Directed by: Andrei Redinciuc
Category: Short

Year & Country: 2021, Romania
Duration: 25 min
Synopsis: Two young guys are drinking alcohol, smoking weed and making prank calls. Little they know that their fun night is about to take a whole different turn when they get an unexpected visit from two complete strangers.
Directed by: Pierre AMSTUTZ ROCH
Category: Short

Year & Country: 2021, France

Duration: 16 min
Synopsis: Ruined and left by his wife, Francis is ready to try everything he can. With the help of his friend Simon, he decides to kidnap the wife of the man who conned him, Alex. That guy is crazy about Catarina and keeps telling he would do anything for her.
Directed by: Romain LAFARGUE, Thibault LAFARGUE
Category: Short
Year & Country: 2021, France
Duration: 19 min
Synopsis: Charles is an old and lonely cemetery keeper. One night at closing time, a visitor calls him out: He’s looking for his biological mom’s grave. Charles doesn’t recognize the dead woman’s name, but confronted to that man’s distress and determination, he decides to help him. There starts an unusual night for both of them.
Fading Snow
Directed by: Ania Morawiec
Category: Short, Student
Year & Country: 2020, Poland
Duration: 28 min
When a heart breaks the gap spreads along the weakest parts of the enclosing world. ‘Fading Snow’ presents one night from the life of 35-year-old Mania who leaves her safe place - the theatre - and sets off to find her way back home in a broken city of Warsaw, in a harsh reality of today’s Poland.
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