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Jury Duty
Directed by: Matheus Ronn
Category: Short, Student
Year & Country: 2017, Brazil
Duration: 19 min
Synopsis: Set in New York City, 1941. A controversial starlet actress is mysteriously murdered on stage during the dress rehearsal for an upcoming Broadway play. Police investigations reveal dark secrets about the victim and the people around her as you, the audience, tries to figure out “whodunit'.
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Loss Of Reality
Directed by: Martin Holper
Category: Short
Year & Country: 2018, Austria
Duration: 27 min
Synopsis: The main content is visualized in a drug rush: Momo goes to an odyssey, carried by equally comical as abstract pictures, in which he has to face his horrors. During the Movie, Momo reflects about his life, and tries to find his lost self.
dream for.jpg
Dream for Happiness
Directed by: Irina Velichkova
Category: Drama
Year & Country: 2018, Bulgaria
Duration: 29 min
Synopsis: -
Directed by: Arnar Freyr Tómasson, Stefán Mekkinósson
Category: Short
Year & Country: 2019, Iceland
Duration: 28 min
Synopsis: Sif, a young girl living with her father and younger brother in the Viking era sees a mysterious flaming object crash down from the sky. Her adventurous nature compels her to investigate what happened.
Directed by: Yana Zinov
Category: Drama, Thriller, Suspense
Year & Country: 2019, United States
Duration: 6 min
Synopsis: A New Yorker comes face-to-face with an unwanted guest forcing him to choose...YOU or ME
The Unsung Feather
Directed by: Aastha Verma
Category: Short, Student
Year & Country: 2019, United States
Duration: 15 min
Synopsis: An African-American ballerina must regain her position as the lead at her ballet company ahead of complex surroundings at the company after a new choreographer is hired.
Ghosts in the Ink
Directed by: Igor Lewicki
Category: Drama
Year & Country: 2019, United States
Duration: 13 min
Synopsis:  A recently divorced couple, mired by tragedy, struggle to maintain civility as they meet, one last time, to finalize the sale of their house.
we kept our sigh quiet
Directed by: Fnu Wuyunqimuge
Category: Short
Year & Country: 2019, United States
Duration: 12 min
Synopsis: Nanni, an innocent and lonely boy, gets love and destruction from Lili, a beautiful girl with a dark secret.
Directed by: KERRY GAMBERG
Category: Drama, Thriller
Year & Country: 2018, Canada
Duration: 12 min
Synopsis: ASKIN' FOR IT follows three ride-or-die high school BFFs as they face the issue of assault head-on. 
The Tattooed Heart
Directed by: Sheldon Wong Schwartz
Category: Thriller, Suspense, Drama
Year & Country: 2019, United States
Duration: 9 min
Synopsis: A creative writing instructor (Jennifer Morrison, "Once Upon a Time") at a juvenile detention center finds common ground with a troubled student (Madison Wolfe, "I Kill Giants") yet quickly finds herself in great danger when she decides to help her.
perfect evening.jpg
The Perfect Evening
Directed by: Daniele Napoli
Category: Short
Year & Country: 2018, Italy
Duration: 6 min
Synopsis: The poetic story of a young woman who is preparing to spend a wonderful evening that will lead to an unpredictable ending.
Directed by: Constantinos Patsalides
Category: Short
Year & Country: 2018, Cyprus
Duration: 15 min
Synopsis: Cyprus,1974. Maria is trying to find anything she can about her son who is in the battlefield. A shocking twist of fate determines the course of the rest of her life. 
Take the Next Bus, Honey
Directed by: Hirokawa Hayashida
Category: Short, Student
Year & Country: 2019, United States
Duration: 9 min
Synopsis: A girl finds a talking mannequin at a bus stop and joins its routine - having conversations with strangers.
bus honey.jpg
Teatro a Palazzo
Directed by: Roberto Caldi
Category: Fantasy
Year & Country: 2018, Italy
Duration: 24 min
Synopsis: A dark fantasy story about love and revenge, where nothing exists except what is not real. At the theater you don't represent yourself as an identity and you don't play a role, but you show your personal point of view.
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