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December 13, 2022

Directed by: Marshall Leming
Category: Short
Year & Country: 2020, United States
Duration: 23 min
Synopsis: Sawyer is a poor farm girl taking care of herself and her radiation-poisoned mother. Unable to afford the energy to keep her mother alive, she must rebuild her father's illegal homemade generator under the watchful eye of an oppressive government.
Directed by: Luke Walters
Category: Short

Year & Country: 2022, United Kingdom

Duration: 12 min

Synopsis: Jac a disillusioned 17 year old from the wrong side of the tracks, finds himself in a familiar-looking interrogation room, but with an unfamiliar detective.
Directed by: Mateusz Kowalski

Category: Short

Year & Country: 2021, Poland

Duration: 16 min
Synopsis: The year is 1999. Sebastian is a rebellious primary school student with no desire to learn. Under the threat of not making it to the next class, his history teacher gives him homework that will ultimately change his life.Today, Sebastian is over thirty years old and is passionate about the events that took place during World War II in Wroclaw. He discovers the city's forgotten monuments after the war and draws an unusual map that shows the location of these places. He takes a souvenir from each site.
Fado Menor 
Directed by: Salvador Alejandro Gutiérrez
Category: Drama, Romance, Music, Fado, LGBTQ

Year & Country: 2022, Portugal
Duration:  8 min

Two gay, immigrant men set out to reconcile their issues while roaming around the dark streets of Lisbon. While reminiscing their time together, they think back to an awkward encounter regarding confrontation of their sexuality at a Fado bar.
Directed by: Ha Won Jang
Category: Drama, Fantasy
Year & Country: 2022, Republic of Korea

Duration: 12 min
Synopsis: Yeon-ah (10 year-old-girl) wanted to celebrate her mother's birthday. She tried to call her dead father(Jeong Hoon) ’s soul by mimicking the necromancy video on YouTube. To prepare the food for the necromancy, she tried to make dalgona, which was used to be made with father by herself but she failed and failed. In the meantime, she finally made dalgona after finding father’s video on an old camera and organized a birthday party for her mother from work.
fado menor.jpg
Directed by: Micha Andrea Meyer
Category: Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Country: Switzerland

Duration: 30 min
Synopsis: Jenny has found the man of her dreams. However, to her evil astonishment, he ends the relationship after 4 years. Jenny is devastated and in her despair gets involved with a strange figure (Mephisto), who promises her to bring Thom back. In fact, Thom comes back to her, but from then on behaves strangely and does not seem to be the same anymore.
Directed by: Zsolt Magyari, Claudia Benkő
Category: Short
Year & Country: 2022, Hungary
Duration: 30 min
Synopsis:  On 3 September 1939, a young woman mysteriously disappears. A private investigator is set to the case. What happened to Ilonka? Is she hiding from her abusive military officer husband? Did she engage in an illegal political movement? Or on the contrary, she fell in love and fled the country with a Jewish journalist? What if she became a spy, as the butler believes?
This detective story lets us peek into a society divided to the extreme on the brink of a global cataclysm.
Directed by: Luca Peres-Bota
Category: Social Drama
Year & Country: 2022, Belgium
Duration: 12 min
Synopsis: Bogdan is a Romanian immigrant who with the help of his older cousin, Ovi, gets a job in a restaurant in Belgium. This way he can provide some financial stability for his newborn child and girlfriend who still live in Romania. But while on the job he gets a phone call from Romania with awful news. Chaos erupts in Bogdan's life as he cannot help his family directly.
left on our own.jpg
Left on our own
Directed by: Akos Kovacs
Category: Drama, Arthouse
Year & Country: 2022, Hungary
Duration: 27 min
Synopsis:  An elderly taxi driver, who happens to be a tireless storyteller, is a man of contradictions: a hopeless romantic and a crude observer of life who has lived through individual hardship and witnessed the despair of others. He doesn't hold back while roaming the streets of Budapest: the route to the destination leads through the labyrinth of his own memories and emotions, which his words conjure. Friends and strangers, cheap décor, lonely buildings, a life-long correspondence that encapsulates a relationship, numbing melodies from an ancient music box all swirl and blend in this film’s poetic vision. Sensitive writing and emotional cinematography draws the attention to small details, to personal hopes and everyday tragedies. A hypnotic, haunting and tranquil soundtrack gives eerily gentle force to the old man’s tales.
Directed by: Kaveh Akaber
Category: Drama, Thriller
Year & Country: 2022, Sweden 
Duration: 18 min
Synopsis:  A ferocious study of everyday sadism. Grief over a lost child has left Mina living a half-life in the shadows. But one day her world is shaken when a neighbour starts projecting obscene films into her bedroom. Seeking revenge on him, Mina enters into a game where the boundaries of fantasy and reality start to fade. A story unfolds – two people wracked with painful longing for atonement.
red pen.jpg
Red Pen
Directed by: Abdou EL MESNAOUI
Category: Short
Year & Country: 2022, Morocco

Duration: 15 min
Synopsis:  A teacher tries to convey to his students the meaning of democracy through the collaborative correction of an exam in a school located in a remote mountainous location, while a communal election campaign is taking place in a nearby hamlet.
Directed by: Ravi Ajit Chopra
Category: Sci-fi drama, Psychological Thriller, horror
Year & Country: 2022, United Kingdom
Duration: 25 min
Synopsis: 'Cognition' stars Bafta Winner Andrew Scott (Fleabag) & Jeremy Irvine (Green Lantern, Warhorse) in this emotionally engaging father & son story.
Directed by: Nazar Balanov
Category: Drama, Horror, Psychological, Music, Dream

Year & Country: 2022, Ukraine
Duration: 19 min
Synopsis: Composer Herman completely goes into writing his work "Cycle", losing absolutely all connection with the outside world. One evening, he falls asleep right at work, and when he wakes up, he begins to understand that his composition begins to come to life.
Good, elegant boys
Directed by: Marek Ułan-Szymański
Category: Short

Year & Country: 2020, Poland

Duration: 26 min
Synopsis: During a survival camp in the Polish mountains, a scout team meets a detachment of Ukrainian subversive soldiers, a war is coming.
good elegant boys.png
Once upon a time there was Earth
Directed by: Kirill Khaletsky
Category: Short
Year & Country: 2022, Belarus
Duration: 15 min
Synopsis: It doesn't matter where and when this story happened. There is no more Earth. Physically, she exists, but there is no soul, morality and humanity anymore. So, the second coming of Christ. Can he save us? Does all of humanity have Hope? And do people want to change something in this world that was once called Earth? We'll find out very soon.
once upon a time.jpg
The deportation of a model citizen 
Directed by: Jacob Thomas Pilgaard
Category: Short
Year & Country: 2022, Denmark
Duration: 24 min
Synopsis: T
wo police officers are to pick up Aida, a young well-integrated student, from her foster mom and escort her to the airport where she is to be deported back to Syria. A touching and hard-hitting drama created with inspiration from a true story about a Syrian refugee.
the deportation of a model citizen.jpg
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