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Directed by: Kyle Zheng
Category: Short, Student
Country: China
Duration: 5 min
Synopsis: A woman who is desperate for money receives a mysterious box with instructions that if she keeps the box and doesn't open it, she will receive money. As different sounds in the box from a dog to a human tempting her to open it, she struggles whether she should open it.
blue dress.png
The Blue Dress
Directed by: Viktor Russel
Category: Short

Year & Country: 2021, Sweeden

Duration: 12 min

Synopsis: Two boys secretly plays wedding during a family dinner, but their game turns serious when they face their parents' prejudices.
the heavy burden.jpg
The Ashes
Directed by: Anastasia Anagnostopoulou

Category: Short

Year & Country: 2020, Greece

Duration: 21 min
Synopsis: Young Marina, loses her mother and her entire world along with her. After the cremation and while she is trying to get herself to let go of her mother’s ashes, an adulterous couple, her employer and another man are orbiting around her like satellites.
in between.jpg
In Between
Directed by: Ana Pasti
Category: Short
Year & Country: 2020, Romania

Duration: 20 min
Synopsis: It's a late December night. Amalia is a career driven woman in her mid thirties and a mistress in a complicated love affair with a complicated man. While waiting to hear from her lover, Amalia encounters a 12 year old boy selling used books in the parking lot of a fast food drive through. She decides to "save" him from the long hours of waiting in the cold winter's night for his bus to arrive in the morning, by giving him a ride home. The more they drive into the night the less certain it is who is saving who...
Trust Frank
Directed by: Penny Moore
Category: Romance, Comedy, Drama

Year & Country: 2020, Australia
Duration:  33 min

Neighbours for many years, Frank and Rose share a distain for each other and have made a sport out of swapping barbed comments over the fence. Rose is fastidious by nature but as her dementia progresses, her tight grip on reality starts to fail her. In contrast, the bawdy Frank is a Vietnam veteran with lung cancer who has given up the fight for life.

When Rose has a bad dementia episode in public and latches onto Frank, the walls come crashing down and a friendship develops between them. Rose encourages Frank to fight cancer and Frank assists Rose to live at home unassisted. Together they find the strength and determination to go on living, but in the process of letting down their guard, they form a deep bond, proving it’s never too late to find love.

trust frank.jpg
the beast.jpg
The Beast
Directed by: Luke Howe
Category: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Year & Country: 2020, United Kingdom

Duration: 13 min
Synopsis: An off-beat, modern-day fairy tale centered on a lonesome beast as he struggles to navigate a shallow dating world.
water may rise.jpg
Water May Rise
Directed by: Sven Peetoom, Chris de Krijger
Category: Short
Year & Country: 2020, Netherlands
Duration: 11 min
Synopsis:  The water may rise tells the story of the couple Jan and Marie in their flight from the water during the inundation of Walcheren (De Slag om de Schelde in 1944).
The Signal
Directed by: Recep Köse
Category: Short
Year & Country: 2020, Turkey
Duration: 20 min
Synopsis: The Operation Cast Lead carried out by Israel on Palestine in 2009 almost destroys all infrastructure and facilities regarding health, education and all the other basic needs. Palestinians' call for help doesn't receive a solid answer internationally because of the embargo and blockade of Israel on Palestine and also the indifference of the world countries.
It's so charming
Directed by: Svend Colding
Category: Comedy
Year & Country: 2021, Denmark
Duration: 28 min
Synopsis:  Silvia, who is pregnant, is at her parents in-law wedding anniversary, and she has been looking forward to it because its the first time she is meeting her boyfriend’s, Christian, side of the family.
fathers job.jpg
A father's job
Directed by: Frank Christian Wagner
Category: Short
Year & Country: 2021, Germany 
Duration: 20 min
Synopsis:  "A Father's Job" tells the story of a Jewish woman's fate in the middle of the last century in Germany.
when i go.jpg
When I Go
Directed by: Olivia O'Brien
Category: Short, Student
Year & Country: 2021, Australia

Duration: 10 min
Synopsis:  When I Go follows fifteen-year-old Delilah as she attends an annual beach trip with a group of friends and their fathers. When an unexpected guest arrives at the getaway, unspoken grief is brought to the surface.
Directed by: Gianluca Zoppa
Category: Short
Year & Country: 2020, Italy
Duration: 20 min
Synopsis: When Luca, an Italian family man, finds himself jobless after twenty years of faithful service, and with a child soon on its way, takes a gamble on a job in China. Struggling with the culture he left behind and the one he now faces, Luca finds an unlikely friend in the funny and competitive Mr. Chen who, like himself, cares for his family above all else. But when a sudden illness strikes, one man finds himself dealing with loss of the other.
Directed by: Guust Mulder
Category: Short

Country: Netherlands
Duration: 17 min
Synopsis: A black comedy about Alaraph, an age-old, quiet, unshakable man, who is shown as an attraction in a museum. When his first and only mating-season begins, he awakens and breaks free. While a search team is trying to find him, his old-fashioned values clash with the volatile standards of the modern world.
Category: Short

Year & Country: 2020, France

Duration: 20 min
Synopsis: Between trauma and healing, there is on one side the time and on the other side the revenge. Supported by Lena, Rita and her psy, will Scarlett goes to the end of her vendetta? Will she choose a soft therapy or shock therapy?
The Dinner
Directed by: Thomas Orth
Category: Short
Year & Country: 2018, Austria
Duration: 12 min
Synopsis: Susan and George are celebrating their 11th wedding anniversary and are therefore planning a fine dinner together.
the dinner.jpg
10 Photographs
Directed by: Brandon Jordan
Category: Thriller
Year & Country: 2020, Canada
Duration: 15 min
An aspiring model, ready to begin her career in the fashion industry, hires a photographer in Paris to help her create her portfolio. The only thing standing between her and her dreams is 10 photographs.
ten photographs.jpg
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