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July 18, 2023

Directed by: Lorna Fitzsimons
Category: Short
Year & Country: 2022, Ireland
Duration: 8 min
Synopsis: Mam seeks refuge at a women's shelter with her teenage son, Cian. Their situation is complicated and the system fails them so Cian saves Mam the only way he knows how.
30.03 (30th of March)
Directed by: Ruxandra Bratfalean-Igna
Category: Short

Year & Country: 2023, Romania

Duration: 21 min

Synopsis:A memory-like representation of events leading up to the death of a young man, alternating with the coping process of his friends.
steel forest.jpg
Steel Forest
Directed by: Anlan Tao

Category: Drama, comedy, children, family

Year : 2022

Duration: 8 min
Synopsis: It's a journey of a ten-year-old left-behind boy who lives in the rural area of China, is fascinated by the adventures of his successful poet father, so secretly followed to the city. Along the way, he discovers the outside world that is described in his father's poems, but finally, he finds out that his father is not a poet but a lier and an ordinary construction worker.
Weekend in Brazil
Directed by: Brian MacNeel
Category: Short
Year & Country: 2022, United States

Duration: 16 min
Synopsis: Kiara, a recent college dropout, spends the summer in her sleepy hometown, working at a grocery store and applying for jobs. A rendezvous with an old classmate provides her with a brief cure for her boredom.
Directed by: Zhaoshuai Wu
Category: Short, Student

Year & Country: 2023, China
Duration:  29 min

SynopsisAn old man living alone is horrified to find his comrade woefully dead in his home early one morning, while his son tries to send him to a nursing home. He sets out to find his own way of dying...
I Will Stay With You Until Morning
Directed by: Jasper Sekhar Banerjee
Category: Short
Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 15 min
Synopsis: 3 Missed calls. A voicemail he cant bring himself to open. Aiden rushes to his troubled brother Connor at their childhood home, terrified of what he will do. As he takes care of him again with all the love he has left, Aiden must decide the fate of their relationship.
The Sixth Finger
Directed by: Jan Zebrowski
Category: Short
Year & Country: 2023, Poland
Duration: 31 min
Synopsis:  A promising young surgeon becomes embroiled in a Macbethian intrigue to do down his domineering senior. Morally pinned against a wall, he must decide between the welfare of one of his patients and the welfare of his fellow staff members. Seduced and spurred into action by an attractive instrument nurse, he decides on what he thinks is the lesser evil: he decides to jeopardize the welfare of one of his patients, knowing that his domineering senior will be found responsible for a medical error and loose his coveted job as a result. But the lesser evil turns out to be greater than he thought..
Not Too Far Away From Paradise
Directed by: Samuel James Thomson
Category: Student, Short
Year & Country: 2023, United Kingdom
Duration: 11 min
Synopsis: Louisa a pregnant woman, goes to visit her mother after having been away for a while. Through this interaction, a difficult secret from the past emerges again explaining why this mother and daughter have been separate for so long.
Directed by: Marcelle Arriëns, Hakim Traïdia, Frank Hartman
Category: Sci-fi, drama, post-apocalyptic, dystopia
Year & Country: 2022, Netherlands
Duration: 15 min
Synopsis:  After a natural disaster strikes Western Europe, Bobby is forced to flee with her selfish father in search of a boat to take them to a safe country. Their disagreement and the intense journey bring up unresolved family issues. It is only when her father makes a big sacrifice that Bobby is able to take him back into her heart.
Man Off The Coast
Directed by: Matt Sedgley
Category: Short
Year & Country: 2023, United Kingdom 
Duration: 15 min
Synopsis:  Soon-to-be Care Leaver Molly has been dumped in her final residential home. Surrounded by professionals who don't care and struggling with her past, she finds an unlikely friend in the form of a man on the beach.
Ten out of the Ten

Directed by: Imre Mazlo

Category: Short
Year & Country: 2022, Hungary

Duration: 8 min


Jour de Chance
Directed by: Leslie Carles
Category: Humour, romance
Year & Country: 2023, France
Duration: 3 min
Synopsis: Bad day for John: it's Friday 13th! Is it a bad luck sign ? Or maybe.... a good luck one?
Directed by: Emma Gilbertson
Category: Drama, Horror

Year & Country: 2021, United Kingdom
Duration: 25 min
Synopsis: Requiem is set in 1605, against the backdrop of the witch trials. It's a coming of age story, following Evelyn as she engages in a game of cat and mouse against her father, Minister Gilbert, in order to be with Mary, the woman she loves.
still dreaming abt it.jpg
Still dreaming about it
Directed by: Mathieu DUBOURG

Category: Short

Year & Country: 2023, France

Duration: 26 min
Synopsis: Time has passed, Marc, dairy farmer, watch his family tear appart because of his career choice. After many years without seeing his father, Guillaume is coming back to the farm to tell him some news. Witnessing the loneliness and sadness of his father, Guillaume is gone rediscover life at the farm.
Blood and ash
Directed by: Kenneth Sanabria
Category: Short
Year & Country: 2022, Costa Rica
Duration: 19 min
Synopsis: In a small mountain house, under the law of the Christian Holy Family, a mother and her two children live in confinement forced by her husband. But after a failed suicide attempt, the mother is forced to include her children in a new escape plan.
a rush of peace.jpg
A Rush of Peace
Directed by: Jake Lockett
Category: Drama, Thriller, Crime, Issue
Year & Country: 2022, United States

Duration: 27 min
Synopsis: A Rush of Peace is the story of vengeance out of control, a metaphor to drug addiction that looks into the soul of man who has lost everything and who seeks to fill the emptiness, the black hole inside himself. But can peace be bought in blood?
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