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Writer: Stephen M. Hunt
Category: Screenplay
Year & Country: France
Number of Pages: 17
Synopsis: A seventy year old man's ingenious plan to divorce without selling his dead father's vintage car progresses well, until his wife smells a rat.
Website: N/A
Love in the Time of Tuition Fees
Writer: Callum Bryce
Category: Screenplay, Student
Country: United Kingdom
Number of Pages: 121
Synopsis: An activist spies on the student movement on behalf of secret police, but the more he spies, the more disillusioned with his own idealistic worldview he becomes.
Website: N/A
Writer: Shockadelic
Category: Screenplay
Country: Australia
Number of Pages: 97
SynopsisFollow an Australian family of four through a surreal-to-us, normal-to-them day (or four-days-in-one).
Writer: Derrick Ferguson, Jonathan Cook
Category: Screenplay
Country: United States
Number of Pages : 109
SynopsisNothing can stop true love...not even death.
Website: N/A
Surprise Divorce
Writer : William Ebert
Category: Screenplay
Country:  United States
Number of Pages : 121
Synopsis: N/A
Website: N/A
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