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Directed by: Sam W. McFadden
Category: Documentary
Year & Country: 2016, United Kingdom
Duration: 26 min
SynopsisA film set in the jungles of Peru about shamanism and ayahuasca.
The Five Breakfasts of Mr Podgoretsky
Directed by: Carl Rowlinson
Category: Documentary, Student
Year & Country: 2016, United Kingdom
Duration: 21 min
Synopsis: Under the shadow of Brexit an immigrant is facing deportation from a country he has called home for 50 years. This powerful documentary asks what it means to make a country your home.
Website: N/A
Living in-between
Directed by: Nefeli Oikonomou Pantzou
Category: Documentary
Year & Country: 2016, Czech Republic
Duration: 9 min
Synopsis: At the moment the number of homeless people in Czech Republic is approximately 68.500, while 9.500 out of them live in Prague. 
Having as a reference the concept of heterotopias as described by Michel Foucault, this documentary focuses on the public spaces homeless people appropriate and transform into private ones. Those places are the “homes” of Vaclav and David and also an overnight shelter for homeless people, organised by the state this time, which surprisingly is not a building but a “retired” boat. 
Using as a connective element between those different locations is the water we are making a journey in different spaces where the narrator is those people describing their experiences in relation to the specific site in which they live and the Director of the Social Services in Prague explaining the way this floating piece of space is functioning.
Virgile Sleeps, 6 sketches for a film
Directed by: Jean Seban
Category: Documentary
Year & Country: 2014, France
Duration: 22 min
Synopsis: Virgile Novarina conducts, for more than 20 years, a survey on sleeping. His research lead him to produce some "night writings and drawings" during micro-awaking, to sleep in a Bremen laboratory in order to researchers to analyze his sleep different forms, and also to produce an image of the sleep in public places all around the world: the one from Virgile sleeping. The week of 21st to 26th January 2013, from 9 am to 6 pm, he slept during the day, in the Inlassable Gallery window, 18 Dauphine street in Paris. For each of these days, Jean Seban proposes a film as a vision of this performance. 
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