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June 11, 2024

Directed by: Laura Russ

Category: Experimental, Short, Web / New Media

Year & Country: 2024, Germany

Duration: 3 min
Synopsis: Four friends searching for each other inbetween reality and a collective dream.
Concrete Rose
Directed by: Amanda M. Ramirez

Category: Web Shorts

Year & Country: 2024, United States

Duration: 24 min
Synopsis: A poignant documentary short that illuminates the intersection of incarceration, rehabilitation, and societal reintegration through the remarkable journey of Brownsville, Brooklyn housing director, Christina Green.
Directed by: Alexander Bernes

Category: Web Short

Year & Country: 2023, Australia

Duration: 15 min
When Joanne downloads Swindle, her life descends into chaos as she juggles two relationships.
TOO LATE with Joe Amero
Directed by: Joe Amero

Category: Web / New Media

Year & Country: 2024, Canada

Duration: 30 min
Synopsis: Unapologetically rare, severe & inappropriate; a fever dream that pushes the limits & tests the boundaries of a medically induced coma?! This is a talk show like you've never seen before!
[smash]: Operation Touchdown
Directed by: Katako Ilunga Brown

Category: Short, Television, Other

Year & Country: 2024, United States

Duration: 26 min
Synopsis: Dr Nordsverk has uploaded the formula to his secret website for his followers and millions of people have left the planet leading to Operation Touchdown.
The POTUS has shape shifted in front of the world and now things are beginning to crack off on earth and on another planet that Myra and her classmates teleported too.
Operation Touchdown has been instituted around the globe and with the knowledge of coexisting with other beings on earth the planet as we know it will never be the same...
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