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June 11, 2024

Atrium "Silent Lucidity"
Directed by: Thomas Crane

Category: Music Video

Country: United States

Duration: 5 min
Synopsis: A Woman experiences "Lucid Dreaming" with nostalgic memories of her life as a child, a teenager, and past.
Le grand murmure - Jeanne Laforest
Directed by: Antony Boudreau Savoie
Category: Music Video

Country: Canada

Duration: 4 min
The ghost of the past won't stop whispering. Music video for the song Le grand murmure by upcoming talentt Jeanne Laforest
Directed by: Sehran Khan
Category: Music Video

Year & Country: 2024, India

Duration: 5 min
Synopsis: Hussain Bin Mansoor/ Al Halaj was a Sufi who first coined the term ANAL HAQ, a Sufi philosophy that draws parallels from the Vedic Theory which states that the creator and the creation are not two different entities but the same. The film revolves around the story of Mansoor, who was condemned by a council of theologians, imprisoned for nine years, and ultimately executed for uttering the words "Anal Haq," loosely translating to "I am the truth." It was perceived that Mansoor was proclaiming himself to be God, committing one of the gravest sins.
Earthbound. - FLIGHT
Directed by: Jake Alexander Pemberton
Category: Music Video

Year & Country: 2024, United Kingdom

Duration: 5 min
Synopsis: A runner pushes himself to his limits - for strength? Or as a desperate escape from something darker? The epic single by melodic metal band Earthbound takes to the skies in this animated sonic attack from animator-director Jake Alexander Pemberton.
Directed by: Eric Nelson
Category: Animation, Music Video

Year & Country: 2024, United States

Duration: 2 min
Synopsis: Nerve music video by the Flavor That Kills
How To Get Over You
Directed by: Adam Jordan
Category: Music Video

Year & Country: 2023, Australia

Duration: 4 min
Synopsis: How to Get Over You is about experiencing rejection from a romantic relationship that never was and the smouldering grief that is experienced in isolation for a time thereafter. The song speaks to the helplessness that comes from navigating how to get over someone, and touches on moments of muscle memory and routine in daily life that makes the process of moving on even harder.
Directed by: Adellina Suvagau
Category: Music Video, Short

Year & Country: 2024, Canada

Duration: 3 min
Synopsis: An original concept, this creation based on Caprice no.16 ”Exorcism” by Paganini, depicts an unusual fight between two ancestral forces, through music, with glimpses of the legendary violinist's life that are present in the main character story, adding a multi-layer of feelings and actions. The plot explores this battle through a blend of symbols and narratives, involving a series of flashbacks and a mysterious ending.
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