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June 11, 2024

Rubi & Aram

Directed by: Eduard Nistru

Category: Documentary, Short

Country: Romania

Duration: 26 min
A friendship that transcends species boundaries and changes the "natural" course of the Christmas celebration. 
The documentary unfolds the story of Aram, a 10-year-old boy who befriends a piglet named Rubi, and, with his mother's help, endeavors to rescue her from being killed at Christmas.

Directed by: Sarah Milena Rendel
Category: Documentary

Year & Country: 2024, Austria

Duration: 20 min
Synopsis: Rents and rental prices are a major issue in Austria. In Innsbruck in particular, the housing market has been growing immeasurably and unaffordably for years. The film WOHNEN collects interviews with those affected, activists and institutions and sheds light on the topics of precarious housing situations, poverty and homelessness from different perspectives.

Directed by: Bruno Pulici
Category: Documentary, Short

Year & Country: 2021, Italy

Duration: 11 min
Yoko is a young woman and she is going to be naked. “How many versions of yourself are you yet to wear? How many are you willing to expose?” She is a paralympic bronze medal athlete and her body is an emblematic symbol of beauty. Yet, her shape is both strange and beautiful at the same time and it is very difficult to understand which one prevails. There are many secrets carved in her skin, hidden behind her magnetic eyes. Her story and her willingness of showing herself without masks questions us about the act of seeing and about our understanding. While showing and revealing herself, she talks about each of us: our fears, our choices, our lives. So the movie is at the same time the portrait of a young triathlete woman and a manifesto that illustrates something about the act of seeing and its strictly connection with our dreams.
I see in story’s

Directed by: Madmo Cem Adam Cem Adam Springer

Category: Documentary

Country: Germany

Duration: 4 min

SynopsisIs about Idress an Rwnadan Filmmaker from and based in Kigali it’s about his fight against depression and his passion for filmmaking as well as his creative workflow in his craft
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