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June 11, 2024

The Mystery Of Graffiti
Directed by: Cristobal Diaz

Category: Documentary, Experimental

Duration: 5 min
Synopsis: Graffiti is a universe, an art made of letters, shapes, colors that the hand but also the whole body contribute to creating. It is an alliance of body and mind which speak the same language, articulated in a living, vibrant painting, which springs forth in a pictorial orchestration.
Directed by: Jessica Graham, Alexander P. Gutterman, Jenn Howd, Meghan Luck, Shay Nartker

Category: Experimental

Year & Country: 2024, United States

Duration: 6 min

Synopsis: A sculptor attempts to express rage and longing under the weight of the male gaze and impossibility of connection despite the excruciating need for it.
Fish Chicken UFO
Directed by: Nadia Barbu

Category: Animation, Documentary, Experimental

Year & Country: 2024, Romania

Duration: 3 min
Synopsis: An unconventional tribute to the filmmaker's late, estranged father.
Study No. 294
Directed by: Robert Gordon Campbell

Category: Animation, Experimental, Music Video, Short

Year & Country: 2023, United States

Duration: 8 min

Synopsis: Short experimental animation with improvisational jazz soundtrack by Triptet from their album SLOWLY, AWAY.
From Darkness to the Lightness of Being
Directed by: Patty M Simon

Category: Experimental, Short

Year & Country: 2023, United States

Duration: 14 min

Through the ritual of swimming, Patty M Simon transforms "From the Darkness to the Lightness of Being," using water to shed her daily build up of anxiety and fear, swimming back to her true self.
Strange Fruit
Directed by: Naveed Shahid Mir

Category: Animation, Experimental

Year & Country: 2024, United Kingdom

Duration: 9 min

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Zaida opens her home as a refuge for victims of domestic violence, including herself, fostering a makeshift sanctuary for five other women: Julia, Michelle, Eve, Maria, and Amel. However, their sanctuary transforms into a cauldron of simmering traumas and unresolved tensions. They navigate a precarious coexistence while stranded in lockdown, each woman battling her own demons amid constant tension and emotional upheaval. When a mysterious visitor knocks on their door, the household plunges into a fervent debate, torn between extending compassion to the stranger or safeguarding their fragile haven from potential threats, unearthing deeper fissures within their shared refuge.
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