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Directed by: Ivan Artemov
Category: Web / New Media
Year & Country: 2020, Russian Federation
Duration: 12 min
Synopsis: A Chelyabinsk business top-dog Eduard Ivanovich is drawn into an unhumorous dispute. Within a short time he is to come up with a series script, which should become of interest to a Moscow producer. Having lost the bet, he will lose part of his business.
SOS, you’re 30 and still single? 
Directed by: Amy LYNSSIA
Category: Web / New Media
Year & Country: 2019, France
Duration: 3 min
Synopsis: « I », Parisian in her thirties, got dumped just after New Year’s Day. Faced with family, friends and social pressures, she decides to take her love life in hand.
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Yap Trap 
Directed by: Wade Cowin, Kris Hermansson
Category: Animation, Short, Television, Web / New Media
Year & Country: 2020, New Zeeland
Duration: 2 min
Synopsis: YAP-TRAP is a new animated kids skit comedy series from New Zealand. It mines surreal humour from stock footage and photography chopping and mashing them up with absurdly animated illustrations. Each two minute episode juxtaposes quick-fire skits, punchy one-liners and musical numbers with low-brow laughs, surreal segues and comedic interruptions. There are 15 x 2 minutes Episodes to discover and perfect fodder for in-between gaps in any animation festival!
Directed by: Costas Lamproulis 
Category: Experimental, Short, Other
Year & Country: 2020, Greece
Duration: 12 min
Synopsis: Confinement and exit. Privacy and public life. Alienation and reconnection. Everything passes through the non-place, under the shadow of the capital Π…
A life-size door is set up at five key points of Larissa (Greece). Passers-by interact and a group of artists attempts improvised performances. The spontaneous stories that emerge challenge the present of the new reality.
Directed by: Gev Elmaleh, Nir Freund
Category: Student, Television, Web / New Media
Year & Country: 2020, Israel
Duration: 20 min
Synopsis: Nir (27) and Gev (27), best friends from childhood, have to deal with Nir's mysterious and unexpected pregnancy through their quest to avenge and kill Hava Alberstien, a Famous Yiddish singer
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