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Directed by: Helena Kominac
Category: Music Video
Year & Country: 2020, Serbia
Duration: 4 min
Synopsis: This music video is about ambition, striving to surpass one’s own capabilities. It is about suffering, despair, self hatred. It is about refusing to give up.

Directed by: Taisia Deeva
Category: Music Video
Year & Country: 2020, Germany
Duration: 4 min
Synopsis: The film is an epic, touching and cinematic story being told in a beautiful, sincere and realistic way.
It starts with one of the protagonists being bullied outride in one of the brutalist urban residential neighborhoods.
He feels desperate and hopeless but something happens and he is able to levitate above the ground and escape the unfortunate circumstances.
Directed by: Francisco Palacios Reyes
Category: Music Video
Year & Country: 2020, Chile
Duration: 6 min
Synopsis: "Sapiens" show's us a representations of present and future time overlap to show the impacts and possible consequences of ignorant and aggressive human conduct.
Concepts around consumerism, waste, disposables, a planet which is dirty and destroyed, are all highlighted in a manner in which the short manifests a critique of the modern world, expressing the indignation towards it, with the purpose of reporting immoral situations which have become unsustainable over time.
Inverted Gloaming
Category: Music Video
Year & Country: 2020, Chile
Duration: 7 min
Synopsis: For this video clip, TARGET takes the concepts from their latest album Deep Water Flames to bring them to the screen, in an artistic piece that reflects the fight against the tide, in this case represented by the fight for equality of women in this world.
Forlorn Hope 
Directed by: Pauline Moreau
Category: Music Video
Year & Country: 2020, France
Duration: 5 min
Synopsis: "Forlorn Hope" sets to music the sad account of a helpless witness to the exponential disasters of his planet. A lament which, through its multiple dimensions: violence, insalubrity, cleavage, utters a desperate cry. If the world is gradually sinking towards its destruction, are we inactive witnesses to an impending climate disaster?
forlorn hope.jpg
Friendly Neighborhood Poltergeist 
Directed by: David Mace-Kaff
Category: Music Video
Year & Country: 2020, Australia
Duration: 4 min
Synopsis: A music video that tells a quirky love story of a teenage ghost who inhabits his old family home. When a new family moves in, he falls head over heels with the family's teenage daughter. He tries his best to communicate with her, but his efforts go unnoticed or misunderstood, much to his frustration! His final effort happens on the night of her prom.
rigid tree.jpg
Rigid Tree
Directed by: Amit Zoller
Category: Music Video
Year & Country: 2020, Israel
Duration: 4 min
Synopsis: "Rigid Tree” is a metaphor describing the struggles of a person living in a reality that does not allow him to exist according to the dictates of his conscience and his moral standards. He seeks a spiritual and physical home, his past is thrown back at him. "Rigid Tree" leaves a home and a family.
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