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The Fallen
Writer: Mark Ramsey
Synopsis: In the fantasy world of Angels, demons and all things mythical it sees a ferocious war rage between the heaven’s armies and the demon lord Satan. In this epic fantasy we see Michael test the might of himself and has to regain Gods faith in order to find the missing Fallen angels and deliver them the justice they deserve but things go wrong and Michael is forced into a place, nobody dare to end up, not even a powerful angel. In this mythical land, painted with farms of Lavender, everyone hides a sin or two. How can such an elegant flower survive in such a harsh place. Well, people need to make a living. Lavender is the lifeblood of these inhabitants; it is the heart of this world. With faith comes the ability to perform miracles
A Vacation
Writer: McCaleb Burnett
Synopsis: A weekend away. What could be better?
The Therapy Session
Writer: Kami Sadraei
Synopsis: An ordinary psychotherapy session takes a shocking turn.
Beautiful Lines in the Night Sky
Writer: Tyler Schultz
Synopsis: After a failed suicide attempt, a boy struggles with finding his happiness.
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