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Plan B
Directed by: Karin Lee
Category: Web / New Media
Year & Country: 2019, Canada
Duration: 22 min
Synopsis: Plan B is a black comedic medical web series set in a women’s health clinic. It has the tone, humour and heart of Orange is the New Black, Gilmore Girls and the politics of Shonda Rhimes.
Shameless & More
Directed by: Fausto Montanari
Category: Animation, Short, Web / New Media
Year & Country: 2020, Italy
Duration: 2 min
Synopsis: The structure of this film is built around a series of daily life episodes where the concept of absence is the main protagonist of the scene. The irreverence of throwing out shitty ideas in a context where people cannot avoid considering them, the lack of support, of personal care, or of psychological depth are the elements that are ironically and metaphorically represented in this sequence of episodes, where the title of each one creates a fil rouge with the next.
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Tippy Top - Hunt & Gather
Directed by: Daniel Thomas
Category: Web / New Media
Year & Country: 2019, Germany
Duration: 13 min
Synopsis: The world of furniture moving is a tough business fraught with risk. It takes the strength of an army to carry strange, obscure and precious items, to face clients who demand the impossible and to work as a team under extraordinary pressure. Rupert Horne heads up his tippy top sofa carrying warriors, Jane Gunn, Ezra Hussan and Kane Nash. Assigned a job under the watchful eye of a dangerous client, they must navigate their differences, stay true to their dreams and fight for survival all in the name of cold hard cash.
Gods Game
Directed by: Tony Chaslas
Category: Television
Year & Country: 2019, France
Duration: 25 min
Synopsis: 2018. Lucas, a local journalist, has just lost his grandfather. The day before the funeral, Lucas had a dream that brought him back to 1998 during an event he had already experienced. Upon awakening, he can no longer distinguish the dream from reality, which he thinks he has changed.
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Millennial Jenny
Directed by: Emmett Skilton
Category: Web / New Media
Year & Country: 2019, New Zeeland
Duration: 1 min
Synopsis: In this new bite-sized Instagram-exclusive comedy, selfie-loving, digital-savvy Jenny is at a crossroads; she's bored, she hates her job, and she desperately wants to make her mark on the world.
It's time for her to find her purpose.
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