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Directed by: Qian·junxing, Wei·zishuo
Category: Web Short
Year & Country: 2018, China
Duration: 17 min
Synopsis: One of the two escaped soldiers was a messenger and a blind man, and the other was an enemy scout. Teammates left the blind man in the castle and set up their own traps to explore the way for support. 
Enemy troops fell into a trap and broke their legs as they entered the castle. The two people trapped in the castle reached a consensus and walked together in search of vitality. After they left the castle, they established a friendship. On the way, we met the messenger who was looking for the way back. While the enemy fired at the messenger, the blind man realized that the situation was not good and took out his pistol. At the same time, two shots were fired, leaving the blind standing in the open space. Then he heard the broadcast of the end of the war.
Pine High
Directed by: Rob Bohn
Category: Web Short
Year & Country: 2019, United States
Duration: 7 min
Synopsis'Pine High' is a colorful and visceral portrayal of what suburban teenage life looks like from the other side of normal.
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I am Home
Directed by: Jerom Fischer, Boris Acket
Category: Web Short
Year & Country: 2018, Netherlands
Duration: 5 min
Synopsis: 'I am Home' shows how fast and efficient a computer could go though difficult processes using logic as its ultimate truth. At the same time it tries to connect the cold, abstract logic of that computer to a more human experience, to make it a bit more comprehensible.
Print Beat 
Directed by: Valeria Marcon, Lukas Olson
Category: Web Short
Year & Country: 2019, United States
Duration: 4 min
Synopsis: A University student struggles to enter the competitive world of literary publishing. Stress and the high demands placed on students pushes her to finally do the unthinkable: murder.
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happy together.jpg
Happy Together
Directed by: Anselm Diehl
Category: Web Short
Year & Country: 2019, Germany
Duration: 6 min
Synopsis:  A man lives in a small hut deep in the Woods. 
He’s in love with a dead girl which he keeps by his side.

The film is about the perspective of a psychopath in a situation like the one Shown in the shortfilm. The total lack of empathy displayed is also meant to be translated into more life-like situations everybody can find themselves in; its an exaggeration about how one-sided love and happiness can be in a relationship.
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