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My Name is John Smith
Writer: Oswaldo D. Gutiérrez
Synopsis: Today he is Juan's eighty-four-year-old and is alone at home. Claire sends her 12-year-old son (Ryan) to visit his grandfather to keep him company. John remembers his late wife and, after thinking about it, decides to leave a farewell recording and commit suicide. Ryan just left his house and goes in search of his grandfather. Will it arrive on time?
The Uncanny Valley
Writer: Julia Beney, Jacqueline Godbout
Synopsis: In a near future world, a cynical Investigator questions an abnormal A.I. in an attempt to find a rogue scientist. The mystery deepens as the A.I. reveals her true abilities, and the Investigator’s true fear.
Synopsis: Sarah, 30, solves her life at last, planning everything down to the last detail. Baby, 22, a transgender girl has just been expelled from home by her parents. They meet when Sarah uses the weapon with which to commit suicide, to save Baby from an aggression. Sarah does not realize that Baby is a woman. Sarah takes Baby, bruised, to where she is going to perform the final act of her life, so that she gets better and leaves soon. When realizing Sarah's intention to kill herself, Baby tries to prevent this from happening, revealing to Sarah that she is a woman and her condition of despair with her body. Sarah also undresses and reveals her pain, carved into her body, covered in scars from the cuts she made herself. A moment of affection and meeting happens between the two and Baby feeds the hope that Sarah, change of idea, but Sarah is irreducible. Baby leaves, and Sarah finally gets rid of herself.
The Three Little Breakups
Writer: Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid
Synopsis: When the hard-core girlfriend of the three little pigs attempts to break up with each of them in a romantic restaurant, the wolfish waiter goes out of his way to make the tale unfold the way it was meant to.
Grover's Quarry
Writer: Timothy McCourt
Synopsis: A tragic event drives Dylan to attempt suicide at a quarry, but instead of death, he finds himself given another chance to change the past. To keep his friends alive, he seeks help from an unlikely ally, but his relationships and morality are tested by every decision he makes.
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