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To Find a Harpy
Directed by: Daniel O'Neill
Category: Wildlife, Adventure, Natural History, Exploration, Bird Watching, Action, Documentary, Quest, Journey
Year & Country: 2018, United Kingdom
Duration: 19 min
Synopsis'“To Find a Harpy” is the story of one woman’s quest into the world’s most remote and unexplored rainforest to fulfil her dream of seeing this mythical bird…
Namibia with Paganel
Directed by: Andrii Andreiev
Category: Documentary, Music Video, Short
Year & Country: 2019, Ukraine
Duration: 6 min
Synopsis: Namibia… the country I want to come back again and again… I have just done the sixth trip here and still in love, still not boring… Enchanting dunes and its silence, places where they meet the ocean, wild animals that you can still see in their natural environment, authentic beautiful tribes looking as their ancestors many hundreds of years before, this is the place where huge pink pelicans and seals come to you on the boat as your old friends, nights in the tens on the roof of the jeeps, contemplation of the sunset and how its rays light up the huge egg-formed stones from the red rocks, food, wine and the atmosphere … Do I want to come back again? Definitely “yes”…
In Search of a Moment
Directed by: Jake Davis, Andrew Rurik
Category: Documentary, Short
Year & Country: 2017, United States
Duration: 5 min
Synopsis: Join wildlife photographer Jake Davis in the wilderness as he reflects on time, nature, and the magic of encountering animals in the wild.
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