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20-30 June, 2016

Dirty Talk
Directed by: John Mark Loudermilk
Category: Web
Year & Country: 2016, United States
Duration: 9 min
SynopsisAn original comedic Web Series about three female roommates, who embark on a risqué business venture in order to solve all their problems. However, they soon discover that juggling two lives, may not be as easy as it seems.
Hug-O-Gram Episode 1-4
Directed by: Todd Kipp
Category: Web
Year & Country: 2015, Canada
Duration: 33 min
SynopsisBenjamin Aubergine has the worst job in the world – delivering hug-o-grams. 
Website: N/A
MY LIFE WORKED OUT (Episodes 1-5)
Directed by: Lisa Crnic
Category: Web
Year & Country: 2016, United States
Duration: 25  min
SynopsisMY LIFE WORKED OUT, is a two-hander, comedy/parody web series surrounding the lives of JESS and AMY, two women in their late 20s who are best friends despite their polar opposite personalities. We follow their attempt to get their lives together as they sign up for the latest phase and craze to hit the LA gym scene…CLASS PASS. These are short (3-5 mins), comedy sketches in the vein of INSIDE AMY SCHUMER meets BROAD CITY. Each episode is set around a different over the top and ridiculous exercise class attended by Jess and Amy who embark on the endless pursuit of getting their lives to “work out” but just falling short…
Redheads Anonymous
Directed by: Daniel Seth
Category: Web, Television
Year & Country: 2015, United States
Duration: 21 min
SynopsisTo win a Redhead Scholarship, Molly and her three ginger pals must find out: what does it mean to be a redhead?
Directed by: Spinassou Cedrick
Category: Web 
Year & Country: 2015, France
Duration: 51 min
SynopsisSELF STORY is a simple concept: As we follow the life of the not so heroic Adalbert Hawking a genius but clumsy inventor who is searching for love, you choose what will happen next. This web series is made for you and scripts are written after your choices. This show is yours! 
Snippets Of A Lifetime (1st season)
Directed by: Carolin Kraft
Category: Web
Year & Country: 2015, Germany 
Duration: 3 min
SynopsisEvery day we pass hundreds of strangers. Have you ever wondered what stories hide behind their faces and attitudes? I did. And couldn't take the risk any longer that their stories might vanish untold one day. I produced 12 short documentary episodes of 12 people revealing their most private thoughts. Intense, sometimes heartbreaking, funny and touching.
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