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20-30 June, 2016

Brave Hearts
Writer: Lynda Lemberg and Jeffrey Allen Russel
Category: Screenplay
Year & Country: Canada
Number of Pages: 120
Synopsis: In 1830, an unconventional woman risks her life when she takes on the most powerful forces in Scotland to stop the brutal expulsion of Gaelic Highlanders.
Website: N/A
Writer: Robert Shill
Category: Screenplay
Country: United States
Number of Pages: 13
SynopsisA ninth-grade boy softens a hateful teacher after finding confidence during a day spent in kindergarten.
Website: N/A
Death's Lady Love
Writer: Stephen M. Hunt
Category: Screenplay
Country: France
Number of Pages: 11
SynopsisDeath falls in love only to find that love is a killer.
Website: N/A
Education, Common Sense & The Island
Writer: Robert Shill
Category: Screenplay
Country:United States
Number of Pages : 3
SynopsisA highly educated man lands on a deserted but bountiful island, but without any common sense his demise is near.
Website: N/A
Idée fixe
Writer : Raj Rohit Gottipolu
Category: Screenplay, Drama 
Country:  United States
Number of Pages :
SynopsisSam has a mysterious girl in his life who doesn't let go of him. After a point, it's just not about making the relationship work, but surviving to see the next day.
Website: N/A
The Library
Writer: Rupert Aspden
Category: Screenplay
Country: United Kingdom
Number of Pages : 19
SynopsisA young librarian has his outlook changed when he gets a glimpse into the life of one of the patrons. The encounter has a profound effect on both parties.
Website: N/A
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