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20-30 June, 2016

About Employment
Directed by: Lindsay Fitzgerald
Category: Documentary, Student
Year & Country: 2016, Canada
Duration: 8 min
SynopsisThis film was intended to show the difficulties for one woman who is blind to find a job in Toronto. But throughout the course of filming, we encountered the inherent contradictions in making a film the subject could not see, and a complexity of questions on how people with disabilities might to be viewed.
Fisher of the Tarn
Directed by: Gaubert Pascal
Category: Documentary 
Year & Country: 2015, France
Duration: 7 min
Synopsis"Fly fishing is an art and art is difficult" Norman Maclean
Website: N/A
Directed by: Cinegringos
Category: Documentary, Action, Crime
Year & Country: 2016, Netherlands
Duration: 3 min
SynopsisLa Pintura is a graffiti documentary that reveals the motivation, purpose and commitment of Latin and South African graffiti writers. La Pintura shows an image of these writers that risk life to paint vandal graffiti in places where corruption, crime and economical issues are everyday business. 
Sumud (Everyday Resistance)
Directed by: Emmet Sheerin / Bryan Gerard Duffy
Category: Documentary
Year & Country: 2015, Ireland
Duration: 12 min
SynopsisThe documentary offers a brief insight into the realities of life in the West Bank, highlighted through the experiences of two women and their communities. It is a story about everyday resistance, and the struggle to withstand displacement in the face of Israeli policies, which are slowly and deliberately suffocating Palestinian communities. The effort of these women and their communities to live normal lives, despite their circumstances, gives truth to the famous Palestinian concept of Sumud – ‘to exist is to resist’. If we relate, we connect; if we connect, we feel. Only then do we begin to resist ourselves. Sumud!
Website: N/A
Untouched Project: Homebase (short)
Directed by: Mitja Legat
Category: Documentary, Sports Documetary, Webisode
Year & Country: 2015, Slovenia
Duration: 4 min
Synopsis"Untouched project: Homebase” is a Slovenian short film about our home country and the deep roots of her current winter sports scene. Slovenians have always been drawn to mountaineering and were probably some of the world's first skiers, with a skiing lineage that can be traced back to the 17th century on the Bloke plateau. New generations of skiers and snowboarders have connected by the Untouched project to keep their traditions alive with a modern, progressive approach to riding the backcountry. 
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