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July 18, 2023

Poster_Small_B Some-One II.jpg
B Some-One II
Directed by: Marcel Moonen

Category: Web Shorts

Year & Country: 2022, Switzerland

Duration: 2 min
In a world so strange and absurd,
Where the norms of society are blurred,
There comes a demand, so unique and bold,
For humanity's right to see in different colors, untold.
Kindik Ene
Directed by: Taberik Iusupova

Category: Web Shorts

Year & Country: 2023, Kyrgyzstan

Duration: 23 min
Synopsis: The appearance of the soul, the birth of a person into this world, the living of various scenarios of life. This film is a reflection on the Place of man on Earth. The Kyrgyz had a custom at the birth of a person to betray his ancestral place (placenta) Mother Earth, thereby forming an invisible, but sacred connection with the Motherland. With the development of civilization and universal globalization, national, to a certain extent sacred traditions and customs were lost. The main character is trying to realize the necessity of these sacred rituals and apply them in her life for self-ide
ntification. The story of a young medical student who, during her pregnancy, begins to feel a connection with the female deity Umai-Ene.
Folded Whispers
Directed by: Mark Anthony Thomas, Shane McFarland, Jordon Rooney

Category: Documentary, Short, Web / New Media

Year & Country: 2022, United States 

Duration: 26 min
Nearly 15 years after his last featured performance, Mark Anthony Thomas revisits his poetic past with the documentary short film “Folded Whispers” at the historic Kelly Strayhorn Theater in Pittsburgh's East Liberty neighborhood. Thomas performs 17 new original poems on issues of identity, urbanism, love, loss, race and the pandemic. The film is produced by Built Different and described as deeply personal, reflective, and "a love letter to the Kelly Strayhorn Theater," which is a home for Black and queer artists.
Directed by: Jennifer Dragon, Macey-Anne Baran

Category: Student, Television

Year & Country: 2023, United States

Duration: 33 min
Synopsis: In this coming of age story, a ragtag group of four teenagers in the busy and bustling, semi-conservative, super Adventist area of the DMV explore their last year of high school together before one of them has to move away, and they learn what growing up really means.
CounterIntelligence: The Story of Sister Alyonushka and Brother Ivanushka, 2022 
Directed by: Heidi Duckler

Category: Experimental, Web / New Media

Year & Country: 2022, United States

Duration: 31 min
Synopsis: CounterIntelligence: The Story of Sister Alyonushka and Brother Ivanushka is an episodic telenovela film told through dance in two parts, and screened live on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitch. CounterIntelligence explores the complexities of choice and identity through a contemporary reimagining of a Russian folktale told in a tongue in cheek melodrama-style that asks the question: who are we really? Based on the premise that we all live in some state of repression, this telenovela embraces the complexity of how our human emotions and physical bodies may never reflect who we really are, or think we are. The recognition of these constraints, real or imaginary, and the hope that we might live more freely has inspired the retelling of this Russian folktale. The recognition or lack thereof of our human behavior and the situations resulting from our unconscious actions is the premise of this tale.
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