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July 18, 2023

Writer: Melissa Caudle
Synopsis: Stardate 2452: Mission: One-way to colonize New Realm, a planet in the Trappist-1 system. When a distress call is received from a four-hundred-year-old spaceship, Captain Taki orders the U.S.S. Dimension to intercept, only to encounter a hostile force. To save humanity, they must save themselves and rescue the last remaining Earth Vessel.
Writer: Kipp Howard
Synopsis: A non-linear poetic script dealing with the struggle of grief, guilt, and love.
Five Rooms
Writer: Marietta Birbili, Aggeliki Sdrani
Synopsis: A woman decides to attend her strange neighbors' party only to find herself stuck facing the worst side of masculinity.
Carnegie's Call
Writer: Ryan J Skinner
Synopsis: Two friends rob a bowling alley which leads to a night of violence, love, rage, meth heads, insane dogs and cherry pie.
Sirens of Silence
Writer: Matt Townsend, Ellana Blacher
Synopsis: A professional couple book a relaxing break in an AirBnb Lodge in a remote place named 'Silence'. The owners are not the innocents they seem to be and have their own plans for the couple staying in their home.
Psychopatic Killers
Writer: Susan May Thomas
Synopsis:A suspect Kaan Kartal has been brought into the Redcliffe Police Station for questioning on recent Murders of six young girls, labelled the Clothesline Killer. Detective Wayward is leading the investigation. Little does Wayward know, Police Sergeant Murphy Banks is hiding a dark side and Kaan is not who he seems. The station is under attack by these two Psychopaths, who manage to slip through Wayward's fingers in a puff of smoke.
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