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July 18, 2023

Directed by: Krista McCarthy
Category: Animation, Music Video

Year & Country: 2021, Canada

Duration: 3 min
Synopsis: A couple considers the past and future of their relationship in this summertime pop-rock music video. Animated in stop-motion using yarn, clay and wool elements, the video begins with the pair at an ocean pier. As they fall into a dreamy state, their carnival treats become cotton candy clouds, popsicle space rockets, and candy apple planets that allow them to jump, fly and fall among the stars. Will they come back down to earth or remain floating through time and space?
Vincent Peirani - JOKERS
Directed by: Alice Thibault, Thibaut Lurois
Category: Animation, Music Video

Year & Country: 2022, France

Duration: 9 min
Synopsis: Three musicians plagued by their neurosis wake in a strange funfair where they meet and fight their demons.
Directed by: Guy Nahum Levy
Category: Music Video

Year & Country: 2022, Israel

Duration: 4 min
Synopsis: A music video clip for my song "I LOVE YOU". The video tells a story about love and an estranged relationship, from the point of view of a woman who is constantly testing her partner's love for her. The coldness and alienation in the relationship is evident in the domestic dynamics, when the man prefers to deal with his career than his relationship with her. The song tackles issues around naivety and unrealistic expectations in a sweeping offering of "I love you"
Samurai SLT feat. Gee Baller - WEBCUM 
Directed by: Yegor Lymarev
Category: Animation, Music Video

Year & Country: 2023, Kazakhstan

Duration: 3 min
Synopsis: In a world of human like puppets webcam model live wall at wall with her fan drug abuser.
finchy dave.png
Bye Bye Finchy Dave
Directed by: Dominika Kováčová
Category: Music Video

Year & Country: 2023, Slovakia

Duration: 4 min
Synopsis: -
Show me the Vision
Directed by: Roc Flowers, Matilde Bergamini
Category: Music Video

Year & Country: 2022, Spain

Duration: 5 min
Synopsis: Official Music Video of "Show me the Vision" track that is part of the album "OVISION" with music and arrangements by Stefano De Donato and lyrics by Roc Flowers.
The video is directed by Matilde Bergamini and Roc Flowers, edited by Matilde Bergamini and executive production is by Franco Mr QJP Nannucci for recording label and humanitarian organization Music for Love
Body For You 
Directed by: Joe Chilcott
Category: Music Video

Year & Country: 2019, United States

Duration: 3 min
Synopsis: Romantic music video for original song written by Cathleen Ireland and Dannyebtracks. Directed by Joe Chilcott.
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