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rooted in shadow.jpg
Rooted in Shadow
Directed by: Bob van de Gronde
Category: Music Video
Year & Country: -
Duration: 4 min
Synopsis: New Balance recently moved into basketball and released its Omni 1S shoe with NBA player Kawhi Leonard. The Rooted in Shadow project was meant to translate their global Basketball launch into a local campaign.
Eyeforce found the true story of boxing legend Ramon Voorn and his son Jessey Voorn, who is a professional basketball player, and developed a coming of age film concept. The goal was to create a soulful piece, that feels more like a short film and did right to the original story.
Since the film, Jessey has also become an ambassador for New Balance Benelux, and Rooted in Shadow marks the beginning of a longer collaboration.

anpu - ZOEA
Directed by: POWEI SU
Category: Music Video
Year & Country: 2019, Taiwan
Duration: 6 min
Synopsis: Mitten crabs have long been viewed as an environmental index for assessing the ecological state of rivers and streams in Taiwan. The species has a unique spawning migration pattern, the species has seen a gradual decline in population over the past few decades, mainly attributed to overharvesting and pollution. as a result, their existence has also faded away in the popular consciousness. The narrative for the video comes from the director's childhood memories.
anpu - zoea.jpg
Thelomis Danube - "Crépuscule en mineur"
Directed by: Anthelme Dubois
Category: Music Video
Year & Country: 2019, France
Duration: 3 min
Synopsis: In German-occupied Paris during WWII, two musicians develop feelings for each other while trying to make their mark in the underground jazz world.
Death Pineapple Pizza 666 From Hell
Directed by: Hart laurent
Category: Music Video
Year & Country: 2019, France
Duration: 2 min
Synopsis: a young dog practising karate try to find pizza for his master
death pineapple.jpg
Jack Risien - The Rise
Directed by: Charles Whiteley
Category: Music Video
Year & Country: 2020, United Kingdom
Duration: 5 min
Synopsis: The music video is a visual representation of one's relationship with religion and one's decision to give up his religion for a woman he is in love with
jack risien the rise.jpg
Cabin fever
Directed by: Jonathan Tilley
Category: Music Video
Year & Country: 2020, Germany
Duration: 5 min
Synopsis: Self-isolation leads to self-introspection. From getting comfortable in the first moments of quarantine to the full blown loneliness of cabin fever, this music video portrays the psychological effects of dealing with yourself under extreme circumstance.
cabin fever.jpg
granite hands.png
Granite Hands - Smoke Screens
Directed by: Zach Cavender, Sorush Ranjbar, Cesar De Los Santos
Category: Music Video
Year & Country: 2020, United States
Duration: 4 min
Synopsis: Music video for the song "Smoke Screens" by Granite Hands, from Texas.
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