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In The Air
Writer: Balázs Pethő
Synopsis: Adam, a successful street photographer is faced with the fact that a drone, powered by AI and designed by his girlfriend, takes better pictures then he does. If technology can produce art, and can even replace artists, what does that say about us?
Synopsis: A critical point of view of a story about a wooden mankin that represents the masses of individuals in our days, who live according to the motto “Use-Consume-throw away”
More Dogs Than Days
Writer: Adam Navas
Synopsis: A boy lives out a bank robbery adventure from his favorite childhood westerns, while the local police scramble to catch him, and figure out the motive.
The Guest House
Writer: Luke Anthony Walker
Synopsis: After surviving a near fatal car accident, a university art student is reluctantly whisked away to a remote and desolate guest house by her overprotective father, who's harboring a terrible secret she must never discover.
The Blossoms
Writer: Matt Evans
Synopsis: Two rival groups of small-time dealers, a closing of an infamous pub and a missing bag of illegal substances. Mase is determined to leave Holyhead, but the closing night at The Blossoms brings unwanted attention.
The Fairy Dust Boutique
Writer: Gary Bigelow
Synopsis: Creating exotic desserts with imaginative names from the common donut, the shop’s loan sharking Owner subtly recruits new business from his clientele while being hassled by a local Police Detective.
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