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Office Guns
Writer: Mark Allard-Will
Synopsis: Imagine the comical satire of Mike Judge fused at the hip with the scathing truths of Michael Moore in a comedic reflection of America's bizarre, almost celebrity status Gun Culture; that's what Office Guns: The Mandate delivers with unforgiving sarcasm.
Data Breach
Writer: Bethan Rees
Synopsis: CSci fi/ realism with comedy elements. Data has been hacked from a Bristol company by Aliens on planet Neptune who are mocking the British especially with Brexit looming. Will the aliens do the right thing?
The Imbalance
Writer: Naomi Lisner
SynopsisSally and Celeste are two best friends in their 50's. After a life of raising a family, and a series of terrible dates they both return to acting and are both met with a string of rejections. A hilarious look at the film & TV industry.
To Homeworld and Back
Writer: Sophie Gochtovtt
SynopsisTwo aliens, disguised as college frat boys, walk into a Dunkin Donuts at 3 AM. They argue about their differing perceptions of humans and the state of their home world.
Joseph (4th)
Writer : Ian Davies
Synopsis: A ragtag battalion of Polish soldiers must dig in around the home of a mysterious old man, as they await the onslaught of the Nazi SS, in the earliest days of World War 2.
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