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Directed by: Youngran Nho
Category: Animation
Year & Country: 2018, United States
Duration: 4 min
SynopsisSomething I did with passion and joy in the beginning turned into fear and oppression as I became conscious of others’ judgment and opinion about what I do. However, after realizing the biggest judgement actually came from myself than any other people, I could finally make peace with myself and found joy and enthusiasm again in my work as I had initially.
Directed by: Yingzong Xin
Category: Animation, Drama
Year & Country: 2017, United States
Duration: 5 min
SynopsisCici's good friend Nini was taken away. At midnight ,Nine returned to her friend and tried to tell here something.
Watermelon: A Cautionary Tale
Directed by: Kefei Li, Connie Qin He
Category: Animation, Student
Year & Country: 2018, United States
Duration: 2 min
Synopsis: After a boy accidentally swallows a watermelon seed, weird things start to happen.
The Prodigal
Directed by: Tod Polson
Category: Animation
Year & Country: 2018, Thailand
Duration: 7 min
SynopsisThe younger of two sons asks his father for his inheritance. Soon the son squanders his fortune, becoming destitute. Starving, he returns home intending to work for his father as a servant. To the son's surprise, his father welcomes him back with celebration and fanfare. The older son, on the other hand is not so happy about the younger brothers return.
Low Blow
Directed by: Gabriel Nóbrega, Márcio Nicolosi, Rodrigo Paulicchi
Category: Animation
Year & Country: 2018, Brazil
Duration: 3 min
Synopsis: A boxer is about to enter the ring but ends up being caught in a different kind of fight: an embarrassing one.
Directed by: Julien Zaccardi
Category: Animation, Student
Year & Country: 2018, Italy
Duration: 3 min
Synopsis: In a completely white and shapeless environment, a half-clothespin is lying on the ground among many standing clothespins. Noticing its diversity, it leaves for a journey that will lead it to meet another half-clothespin, that will turns out to be its reflection in a mirror. The half-clothespin stands up leaning on the mirror and creates a complete one with its mirror image.
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