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My Little Boys- The Lucky Cockroach
Directed by: Jack Shih
Category: Web Short
Year & Country: 2018, Taiwan
Duration: 3 min
Synopsis: A huge cockroach found its way into their home, seemed a boring family this was, but then the cockroach raved confliction between the elder and younglings under the roof.
Dave & Theo
Directed by: David Hoey, Nicholas Burton
Category: Web Short
Year & Country: 2018, Australia
Duration: 10 min
SynopsisTwo delinquents on the downside of advantage spend their days trying to get off the streets and lead a normal life by any means necessary. Along the way, the people they encounter lead them even further down the rabbit hole.
dave and theo.jpg
Directed by: Michele Bevilacqua, Arcangelo Iannace, Francesco Spaziani
Category: Web Short
Year & Country: 2017, Italy
Duration: 3 min
Synopsis: N/A
Tales From Pussy Willow 
Directed by: Kate Jessop
Category: Web Short
Year & Country: 2016, United Kingdom
Duration: 2 min
Synopsis:   Down in Pussy Willow a challenging conversation is happening between two generations.
tales from pussy willow.jpg
Directed by: Virgilia Giambruno, Ricci Sebastien
Category: Web Short
Year & Country: 2017, France
Duration: 6 min
SynopsisA priest is haunted by his old demons since he shattered a little girl's dream of becoming a priest, twenty years ago. 
Isn't the Catholic Church the only institution refusing equality between men and women? 
You will discover dialogues inspired by the Gospels...
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