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A Typical Everyday Corpse
Writer: Christoph Gross
Synopsis: Harry K. is working on a gruesome coffee-table book. All night long he searches the labyrinthine historical centre of the town where he lives for opportunities to take macabre photos, until, one day, one of K.’s surreptitious forays does not go to plan. – This film is a Kafkaesque crime comedy.

Southern Gothic
Writer: John Budge, Adam Davenport
Synopsis: In a West Virginia town that has become ground zero of a local heroin epidemic, a sample of tar is discovered at the scene of an overdose of a local addict. Post-autopsy, when Eve Woodworth, a biochemist, discovers a living organism inside the tar that might be some kind of mutation, the local Sheriff exercises autocratic tendencies to suppress this information and attempts to scapegoat a black man who she suspects is the local drug dealer. Eve decides to continue investigating the anomaly on her own and what she discovers puts her in the line of fire of the prejudices and ills of the community.
Pedal Power
Writer: Nu Ra
Synopsis: The inspirational story of the daughter of an Olympian, from her humble beginnings as a rebellious orphan, to her triumph in a male dominated sport, BMX cycling.
The Imbalance 2
Writer: Naomi Lisner
Synopsis:  The adventure continue for Sally Mayer and Celeste Bartholomew two divorced actresses taking on the film industry one dinosaur at a time!
Charade of a Fly
Writer: M. C. Bavenci
Synopsis: The Puerto Rican maid of an aging punk rocker in America is accused of giving him a fatal dose of medications, when all she was doing was writing his lyrics to make him feel guilty for impregnating her lovely daughter, which caused her son-in-law, a marine on tour in Iraq, to kill himself by stepping on a mine. The aging rocker sings a hit song his maid writes for him, feeling love, guilt, and shame for the first time. He ODs, leaving his estate to the maid, her daughter and his unborn child.
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