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Directed by: Michel Garcia, Mathilde Saint-Arroman
Category: Documentary

Year & Country: 2020, France

Duration: 27 min
Synopsis: In the heart of the French Para Surf team.
Meeting with some atypical athletes during the World championship, just a short period before France got under lock-down. Tension, doubt, confidence and happiness dictated the 10 days spent in California, just before the worlds pandemic. When some "different" athletes go beyond their limit to get medals.
A life adventure, a surf adventure.
fat kathy.jpg
Fat Kathy
Directed by: Julia Pelka
Category: Documentary

Year & Country: 2019, Poland

Duration: 14 min
Synopsis: The lives of millions depend on eight small clams working hard to detect contamination in the city’s water supply. Clams are the new canaries in the coal mine in this stranger-than-fiction peek at how humans create problems for the planet and then use living organisms to protect themselves… from themselves.
strength among us.jpg
Strength Among Us
Directed by: Taha Ovaci
Category: Documentary

Country: Turkey

Duration: 22 min
Synopsis: The story of four refugee women who stand on own feet despite all their painful and difficult life experiences and struggle for their families.
a community under fire.jpg
A Comunity Under Fire 
Directed by: Harrison Thane, Matt Thane
Category: Documentary

Year & Country: 2021, Australia

Duration: 23 min
We tell the story of a small but special regional town in during Australia's 2019-2020 Black Summer bushfire season. We highlight the importance of community – everyday people doing extraordinary things to help our community survive and recover. And we show our town's path to recovery. How we in Braidwood in New South Wales, faced our greatest existential threat, being surrounded by fire.
last day.png
Last Day Today
Directed by: Nelson Liu Yihong
Category: Documentary

Year & Country: 2021, Singapore

Duration: 21 min
Synopsis: Denny and Ivy run the largest movie poster business in Southeast Asia. Their retail store in Esplanade, a landmark building in Marina Bay Singapore, has a history of 16 years. In 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 has severely hit the retail industry.
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