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Directed by: Alonso Llosa

Category: Sci-fi, romance, experimental, drama

Year & Country: 2021, Peru

Duration: 7 min
Synopsis: Vicky, an aging, arrogant shampoo bottle dies without ever confessing her feelings to her life long romantic obsession. Second chances are only the beginning of a journey through an unexpected and mysterious afterlife.
time space 2.jpg
Directed by: Yugao Zheng

Category: Animation, Experimental, Student, Short

Year & Country: 2020, China

Duration: 4 min
Synopsis: With daily objects, I create a tiny world to reflect our life during the hardest moment during the breakout, and fill with dreams.
champion edition.jpg
Champion Edition
Directed by: Christopher Chan

Category: Animation, Experimental, Music Video, Short, Other

Year & Country: 2020, United States

Duration: 2 min

Synopsis: In the video game of life, presented are vignettes of various professions I always dreamed of - represented in custom hand crafted wooden action figures presented in stop motion animation.
Directed by: Ed Shimborske

Category: Animation, Experimental, Student, Short

Year & Country: 2021, United States

Duration: 3 min

Synopsis: Nostalgia, Suicide, and the pain of growing older all explored through the eyes of the Stickman, a forgotten relic of the past.
i see you.jpg
Directed by: Lara Rassoul

Category: Experimental, Short

Year & Country: 2021, Lebanon

Duration: 3 min

Synopsis: Nature retaliates after being abused.
Recycled Verses
Directed by: Randy Kelly

Category: Animation, Experimental, Short

Year & Country: 2021, Canada

Duration: 3 min

Synopsis: Recycled Verses is a cinepoem (video for a spoken word poem) about the cyclical nature of life and art and self-expression.
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