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December 12, 2023

Directed by: Ekin Koca
Category: Animation, Music Video, Short

Country: France

Duration: 5 min
Synopsis: The story crafted by Ekin Koca unfolds in the aftermath of a conflict on the Eastern Mediterranean coast. The residents of a coastal village attempt to resume their daily lives, but their relative tranquility is disrupted by an unexpected thunderstorm. This animation follows several characters and explores their evolution through various key moments : before the rain, during the rain, amidst the storm and after it subsides. This parallel storytelling approach showcases diverse perspectives while weaving these narratives along with the meteorological change.
revival song.jpg
Morea - Revival Song
Directed by: David Krätschmer
Category: Music Video

Country: Germany

Duration: 4 min
Synopsis: In moments of change we often long for companionship. There are forces that do not leave us alone in such situations. Our mythical creature follows Morea on her way as a silent companion and friend.
rip mj.png
Roadkill Jamboree
Directed by: Meghan G Graham
Category: Animation, Music Video, Short, Other

Year & Country: 2023, United States

Duration: 6 min
Synopsis: Roadkill Jamboree is a stop-motion/ 2D hybrid music video about how roads and drivers affect animals, featuring music from the ska-punk band Suburban Legends. This grim yet humorous story centers around a band of five undead animals encompassing various species along Interstate Highway 5. Each animal in the band represents a different type of creature native to California while embodying different reasons why roadkill happens.
R.I.P MJangles
Directed by: Vidhu Kota
Category: Music Video

Year & Country: 2023, United States

Duration: 4 min
Synopsis: A music video for artist Mike Osei's single, R.I.P MJangles. The music video's concept revolved around Mike giving a shoutout to his old self, and also serving a tribute to the Bronx, Jersey, and Harlem.
C'est L'enfer
Directed by: Valentin Soulet
Category: Music Video

Year & Country: 2023, France

Duration: 4 min
Synopsis: Upon entering their gang's headquarters (a car junkyard), the two main members of the Ravage Club gang reunite with their fellow criminals. They mourn over the body of their former guitarist who died in the trunk of their car and bid farewell to him by crushing him in the junkyard's compactor. Later, as the group is celebrating their friend's funeral around a barbecue, they are interrupted by the arrival of their worst enemy, La Hyène, a corrupt police officer who seeks to eliminate them. An explosive shootout ensues, with no one coming out as the winner.
Udsigten (The View)
Directed by: Jacob Thomas Pilgaard
Category: Music Video

Year & Country: 2023, Denmark

Duration: 5 min
Synopsis: -
Shoot The Lights Out
Directed by: Thomas Vogt, Oliver Charles, Loïc Jouenne
Category: Music Video

Year & Country: 2023, France

Duration: 4 min
Synopsis: Imagine two heroes trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world and that are facing what is left of our civilization. Inspired by science-fiction, this music video portrays the future of our society and the last humans on earth.
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