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December 12, 2023

Directed by: Marcel Moonen

Category: Web Shorts

Year & Country: 2023, United Kingdom

Duration: 2o min
When I’m relaxing, I like to think, ponder, internalise game-playing, read across the grain, use random numerical order to explore alternative sequences, connections and narratives, often listening to the radio or TV at the same time whilst reading. It creates for me, a kind of a nonlinear network, a rhizome of narratives that reveal new hidden patterns and relationships.
Story of Godia
Directed by: Mouayed Zabtia

Category: Web Shorts

Year & Country: 2023, Libya

Duration: 45 min
Synopsis: Hussein lives in his father's house, who used to put the house as a retirement home before he died in a poisoning accident with a number of elderly people with Hussein's daughter who was in the house by chance. Hussein lives in his father's house with his sick son who suffers from a disease that needs expensive treatment. The child watches things strange happening in the house
Closet Combat
Directed by: Augustus Hinton

Category: Documentary, Short, Web / New Media

Year & Country: 2023, United States 

Duration: 3 min
Ted, a closeted, gay high school boy, imagines literally fighting his way out of an encounter with bullies at a track meet.
What are the odds...
Directed by: Leyla Jaff

Category: Web Shorts

Year & Country: 2023, Austria

Duration: 16 min
Synopsis: Maya and Rosa spend their last vacation evening in the hotel bar playing "what are the odds". The receptionist secretly photographs Maya and watches her from afar. Maya shows interest in him, which her friend Rosa, against Maya's will, takes as an opportunity to introduce the two to each other. As luck would have it, the two friends discover the photo of Maya on his cell phone and suddenly they find themselves in danger.
Directed by: artel film production

Category: Experimental, Web / New Media

Year & Country: 2022, Russian Federation

Duration: 10 min
Synopsis: The young lieutenant's mission is under threat. T
he regiment is broken up, there are only 30
fighters in it. But the soldier is not lost, he leads the regiment, orders to unfurl the banner and goes into the unknown to the sounds of the choir performing “Lyubushka”.
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