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The Trip
Directed by: Eileen Myles
Category:  Experimental
Year & Country: 2019, United States
Duration: 17 min
Synopsis: THE TRIP is a road trip movie through the majestic, rough-hewn landscape separating Texas towns Marfa and Alpine with acclaimed poet Eileen Myles as your guide. Inspired by Jack Kerouac’s spoken score of Robert Frank’s 1958 poetic classic Pull My Daisy, Myles talks dailiness and political realities with puppet interlocutors Oscar, Bedilia, Montgomery, Casper, and Crocky.
Riveted, Structures, Lands
Directed by: Brenda Grell
Category: Experimental
Year & Country: 2019, United States
Duration: 5 min
Synopsis: “Riveted, Structures, Lands” pieces together digital video and stop motion animation to explore loss and memory. Blueprints pilfered from Union Pacific Railroad by my great-grandfather alongside fragments of quilt pieces sewn by my great-grandmother weave together a new personal understanding of family memories. Through interviewing my grandmother who suffers from dementia, I was able to create a broader story and appreciation of her two parents and their own modest creative expressions within a larger history.
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Save LGBT in Russia
Directed by: Maria Antonova
Category: Experimental
Year & Country: 2019, Russian Federation
Duration: 3 min
Synopsis: The first step of solving a problem is recognizing it.
Don't stay unconcerned.
Directed by: Marcin Giżycki
Category: Experimental
Year & Country: 2019, Poland
Duration: 3 min
Synopsis: Four men are waiting for a tram. inspired by a painting by Zenon Wasilewski, the father of Polish animated film.
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be hold.jpg
Be hold
Directed by: Gilnaz Arzpeyma
Category: Experimental
Year & Country: 2019, Canada
Duration: 2 min
Synopsis: Performances of two contemporary dancers are juxtaposed and reassembled in a frame by frame investigation of one’s self-perception of attraction and repulsion.
Directed by: Carlos Smith Rovira
Category: Experimental
Year & Country: 2018, Colombia
Duration: 11 min
Synopsis: Mr.X is a grey guy with a boring job. A wallflower. Covering all antique shops on sundays is his only one hobby. One day he comes across a pair of glasses which show him the world really as it is, a city full of beasts killing and eating each other. Scared, he tries to get rid of them, but the visions persist, hopeless. He'll have to face that reality.
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