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Directed by: Daniel Aremu
Category: Documentary
Year & Country: 2019, United Kingdom
Duration: 6 min
Synopsis'Celebrating 50 years of Ebony, Notting Hill Carnival’s iconic steelpan band. As adidas and Footpatrol launch their Carnival-inspired reiteration of the Torsion shoe, we trace the vibrant story of one steel band at the heart of an enduring community

The Songs of Love
Directed by: Andrii Andreiev
Category: Documentary
Year & Country: 2019, Ukraine
Duration: 6 min
Synopsis: ‘Songs of Love’ is a short film – contemplation of the gracefulness, freedom, tenderness, dance, peace of the biggest animals – the whales, the cosmic act of life, perfection of every moment. This is an underwater ‘flight - levitation’, this is a live music of the Universe that permeates the oceans with the vibrations dozens kilometers around, this is love…
When we see these creatures, their greatness moves us to tears and we want them and all other nature to keep existing…
A Woman's Calling
Directed by: Ivy Staker
Category: Documentary
Year & Country: 2019, Australia
Duration: 6 min
Synopsis: Doomadgee women look beyond themselves, rekindling a sense of purpose by helping Papua New Guinea women in extreme poverty.
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