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archi paper.jpg
Directed by: Rafal Barnas
Category: Animation
Year & Country: 2019, Poland
Duration: 4 min
SynopsisArchiPaper is a non-commercial, experimental, short animation that tells a story about architecture in an unconventional way. Physical model of a house has been transformed into an image that teems with life, creating a leisurely-paced, surrealist story immersed in an world built solely out of paper elements.
deadly lupus flower.jpg
The Deadly Lupus Flower
Directed by: Neil Warren
Category: Animation
Year & Country: 2019, Canada
Duration: 11 min
SynopsisA poor fisherman encounters a strange girl and is beset by werewolves while trying to help her.
Directed by: Evan McInnes
Category: Animation
Year & Country: 2019, Australia
Duration: 3 min
Synopsis: The city folk are about to get a wake-up call. But, will they stop and listen? "Urbanality" explores the isolation of our modern environment, the resistance we have to change, and the beauty of going with the flow.
Dinner Time
Directed by: Kate Renshaw-Lewis
Category: Animation
Year & Country: 2019, United States
Duration: 4 min
SynopsisDinner Time is a hand-drawn animation about the power dynamics within a hyper-nuclear family. This film focus is on the identity of the housewife and the impact of gender roles on the child.
The Onederful Nation
Directed by: Lynette Kong, Chong Yoon Pang
Category: Animation
Year & Country: 2018, Malaysia
Duration: 7 min
Synopsis: Malaysia is a multi-ethnic, multiracial and multilingual country. Her ethnic group ranges from Malays, Chinese, Indians to Sabah’s and Sarawak’s indigenous tribe. In this short film, we would like to portray the cultural uniqueness among the multi-races in Malaysia. The story is about an adventurous discovery of a magical wooden box from the point of view of an unfinished wooden doll, No Name.
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