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Writer: David Barbeschi
Synopsis: A game of chess in 1973 reignites the two players' vivid memories of their fateful meeting during the visceral Great War of 1914.
Beneath The Garden
Writer: Guy Harvey
Synopsis: Linda loves trashy detective novels, and has decided to spend her mid-life crisis writing one. However, when writers block strikes she will have to drag inspiration out of real life, whether it's actually there or not.
Writer: David Keogh
SynopsisWhen Vikings invade the village of Cadeby a small band of desperately unprepared people must defend it or lose everything.
Think Forward
Writer: David Keogh
SynopsisA man with terminal cancer, an ex-army vicar and a homeless teenage girl, become unlikely allies when they stumble across some drug money. But a local Russian Crime Lord wants the money and the girl, back. 
The Jim Crow Holocaust
Writer : Jacob Hayek
Synopsis: N/A
Going Home
Writer : Nir Shelter
Synopsis: After an IDF soldier suspects a young Palestinian man on an Israeli bus of being a suicide bomber, he must choose between a risk to either the lives of the other passengers or a potentially innocent man.
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