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South Coast
Directed by: Scott Palmer
Category: Documentary, Experimental, Short
Year & Country: 2016, Australia
Duration: 4 min
SynopsisA short aerial film documenting the natural beauty of Western Australia's South Coast.
Website: N/A
Remember everything, to not forget anyone
Directed by: Paolo Caspani
Category: Documentary
Year & Country: 2016, Italy
Duration: 2 min
Synopsis: A man is walking around Lampedusa, an Italian island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, reciting the names of the victims of October 3rd 2013, when more than 500 emigrants died while attempting to reach Europe. This man is Marco Pietrantuono. He is one of the very few established Italian hyperthymesiacs, people with an extraordinary autobiographical memory. If the victims’ names are declared by a person who will never forget their names, they will be remembered, thus symbolically alive, for ever.
Website: N/A
Still life: portrait of a fighter
Directed by: Kieran Hennigan
Category: Documentary
Year & Country: 2015, United Kingdom
Duration: 5 min
SynopsisDerek is a remarkable Scottish painter. He's served in the Navy and the Fire Service - surviving wars, PTSD and cancer. However, his artistic achievements are all the more noteworthy because Derek is registered blind. This is revealed as a twist at the end of the film - so as not to define him by a disability.
Website: N/A
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