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December 13, 2022

Here's My Card
Writer: Oscar Ballyvolane
Synopsis: When Fredo is making his exit from what appears to be a bank robbery, he’s unquestionably in the line sight of a police officer moving towards him. He starts a conversation with Carol in a bid to make it look as if he’s actually hitting on her and therefore could not possibly be the same man who’s wanted by the state. Carol, intelligent, flirtatious, headstrong, and mischievous, turns out to be quite the conversationalist. When she asks for his number at the end of their encounter, our Fredo is taunted by a difficult decision; Engage further with what is now a witness and risk all, or risk never seeing the alluring woman again.
Blood Knot
Writer: Michael Greene
Synopsis: Robert is a businessman who works remotely and cares for his father, who has Alzheimer’s. A conversation between the two will forever change Robert’s perspective on life, relationships, and the power of forgiveness.
The Dragon of Locke
Writer: John M. Pluff
Synopsis: A detective and his partner begin investigating the disappearance of a man’s brother-in-law in California only to discover it may be linked to the theft of a valuable dragon deity from a Chinese monastery and a smuggling ring stealing artworks and antiquities.
Tea Tell Tale
Synopsis: Tales of a distressed classical singer on the brink of suicide and that of his unknown savior unravel over a cup of tea. But who lives finally to tell the tea tell tale is a different tale altogether.
Desperately Seeking Sikh
Writer: Mariella Spagnolo
Synopsis: A self-absorbed American woman, desperate to land the corporate job of her dreams tries to gain an advantage over her competition. She understands the hiring manager is Punjabi and decides to immerse herself in learning the language and culture over a 5-day period. She hires a traditional Punjabi Sikh to live with her and winds up receiving more than just an education.
Red Harrell
Writer: Devon Commons
Synopsis: Ten years after a crazed occultist Red Harrell was shot for killing two children, Christy Owens and her friends return to his abandoned home. When these rebellious teenagers’ curiosity gets the better of them, tampering with Red’s cursed Bible activates a ritual which brings him back from his watery grave. Christy steals this arcane book, bringing a world of danger to her town. As teenagers go missing, she is faced with having to unravel this mystery while wrestling with her own shortcomings, before all is lost
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