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December 13, 2022

between wings and.jpg
Between wings and swings
Directed by: Yuyang Yan
Category: Animation

Year & Country: 2022, Canada
Duration: 3 min
Synopsis: Through an unexpected turn of events, a young girl must learn to let go.
Directed by: Peter Sluszka
Category: Animation, Drama
Country: United States
Duration: 28 min
Food and felonies are inseparable in Hardboiled, a stop-motion animated satire of the classic urban American crime drama. Gritty, noir-ish, and absurd, the story follows the exploits of tough-talking detectives Harry and Callaham (an egg and a slice of ham) as they frustrate their boss, an irascible knish, shake down a sleazy bacon pimp, and tangle with a megalomaniacal strawberry.
the balcony.jpg
The Balcony
Directed by: Anya Martin
Category: Animation, Student, Short
Year & Country: 2022, United States
Duration: 6 min
Synopsis: A lonely mid 20's man goes out to his balcony at night and has a brief connection with someone across the way.
The Better Angels
Directed by: Michael Cusack
Category: Animation

Year & Country: 2021, Australia
Duration: 13 min
Synopsis: A young soldier trying to escape the horrors of war, finds an abandoned house and within its walls the stories of what might have been.
better angels.jpg
dream of hawaii.jpg
A Dream of Hawaii
Directed by: Thomas Smoor Isaksen
Category: Animation

Year & Country: 2022, Norway
Duration: 11 min
In a world covered in plastic, Pete leads a nomadic life where he dreams of the pearly white beaches of Hawaii. Will his long journey bring him to a place not covered in plastic waste? A tale about plastic pollution stretched to the extreme and human hope for survival in a desperate situation.
Directed by: Matti Vilho Vesanen
Category: Animation

Year & Country: 2022, United Kingdom

Duration: 14 min
Synopsis: Ascent is told from the perspective of Zain, a Saluki dog, and is set at the tail end of the 21st century. When climate change has forced many to take refuge in the far North. It’s the story of a Nigerian Astrobotanist named Daniel, and a Finnish Arctic Hydroponic farmer named Mikha. Two men who met by chance when Daniel was ice skating with Zain. They fell for each other fast and moved in together. But now their relationship has reached its breaking point, because they both have different strategies in the new Forever War of Climate Change. Mikha wants to stay to fight to conserve the Earth. And Daniel believes he must take flight, and risk it all to colonize the stars.
forget me not.jpg
Directed by: Ruxandra Maria Socor
Category: Animation, Student

Year & Country: 2022, Romania
Duration: 7 min
Synopsis: Forget-Me-Not tells the story of a dancer losing her memory as she explores three rooms representing her anxiety, fear and confusion ending in numbness. From the real world she is transported in the first room, an infinte gothic hallway that she tries to escape only to be sent to M.C. Escher's Relativity where she is stuck repeating the same action over and over again. In the end all that remains is her musical and muscle memory, dancing away one last time as the world around her disappears and she succumbs to her disease.
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