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Directed by: Mimi Garrard
Category:  Experimental
Year & Country: 2017, United States
Duration: 16 min
Synopsis"Gaslight" is a videodance in three sections that reflects on the presidential election of 2016.
Moonlight Princess
Directed by: Elke Margarete Lehrenkrauss
Category: Experimental
Year & Country: 2017, Israel
Duration: 13 min
SynopsisDespite her albinism and only 8% sight, it is the 19-years-old Ruths greatest dream to become an actress. But her way is full of small hurdles of everyday life, which we experience with her in an audiovisual voyage.
Directed by: Baruq Gibran Seth
Category: Experimental
Year & Country: 2017, Mexico
Duration: 4 min
SynopsisThrough a series of visual techniques including painting, collage, photography, video, and animation, Job takes us on a journey of a modern-day interpretation of the incredibly complex biblical character, where we see the different transformations of his psyche and the developing characters in the story surrounding him
Kobalt Elektra
Directed by: Leigh Dehaney 
Category: Experimental
Year & Country: 2016, Czech Republic
Duration: 14 min
SynopsisTOPHAT negotiates an exchange of artifacts, imbued with moments of time.
Directed by: Myriam Thyes
Category: Experimental, Animation
Year & Country: 2017, Germany
Duration: 8 min
SynopsisThe illusionistic ceiling fresco 'Triumph of St. Ignatius of Loyola' (1685) by Andrea Pozzo meets compositions with crosses (1932) by Sophie Taeuber-Arp. While the hierarchic, centralist painting in the Jesuit church Sant'Ignazio glorifies the holy lord, Taeuber-Arp created multifocal, plane compositions of non-figurative shapes. The only thing the baroque and the modern artworks have in common, is the sign of the cross. In the animation, the oppositional artistic concepts start a competitive dialog, they influence and penetrate each other. Given the current victory of virtual worlds, this animation reflects the history of illusionism and its assumed overcoming in modernity.
Directed by: Laurie O'Brien
Category: Experimental, Animation
Year & Country: 2017, United States
Duration: 1 min
Synopsis: Eurydice, references the famous Orpheus myth that warns against the human attraction to the past and the urge to “look back”. 
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