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The Adventurer's Diary
Writer: Jean Maye
Synopsis: An elderly woman full of adventure takes one final journey.
The Door
Writer: Robert Cox
Synopsis: Carl is an eleven year old with serious health problems. He has a brain tumor that he is being treated for, but the loss of hair and the fear the other children in his class have of him has made his life even more miserable. The constant teasing and shunning he receives makes him dread going to school. His mother and he have moved in with his grandfather when his Carl's own father deserts them, after telling his wife and son that he can't deal with the strain of caring for a sick child.
Writer: Robert Cox
SynopsisA MIDWIFE carries a newborn to a forest cave. It’s 527AD. NIMUEH, the sorceress, waits there to cast a spell, encasing the child in a crystal tomb, as she did to his father, Merlin. Nimueh kills the midwife to hide her secret. 
Turn the Tables
Writer: Herschel Medlin, Dale Baker
SynopsisTwo rogue high school DJs struggle to leave a musical legacy behind in their hometown, before joining up with the Marines. The only thing standing in their way is a rival DJ crew hell-bent on their destruction and of course, teen heartbreak.
The Barking Spider
Writer : Robert Gately, Lois Gately
Synopsis: Meet Lana, a high school track star about to run the most important race of her young career. As she prepares for the race, she reflects on the hardships of her childhood, and the love of the grandfather who guided her to this point in life.
Out of Time
Writer: Rebecca Harris-Smith
Synopsis: A psychiatrist has to help her captor uncover the past few hours of his life.
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