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the art of glass.jpg
The Art of Glass
Directed by: Dritter.Akt
Category: Documentary

Year & Country: 2022, Austria

Duration: 5 min
Synopsis: Five glass blower and glass artists come together at the CULTIVA HempExpo in Vienna to collaborate on freshly made pipes, talk about their process and enjoy their creative time together.
the fountain.jpg
The Fountain
Directed by: Ilayda Işeri
Category: Documentary, Student, Short

Year & Country: 2021, Turkey

Duration: 19 min
Synopsis: The Fountain is about the ceasing culture and language of the Gagauz people. It portrays the effects of the rise and fall of the Soviet Union on different generations while displaying the consequences of the vast social assimilation by following the daily lives of local families. The tradition of the Gagauz community is unique and preserved almost intact for centuries. However, it is rapidly fading now, as the elderly pass away. Unfortunately, the fountain flows weaker and weaker through the new generations.
jeremy my father.jpg
Jeremy, my Father
Directed by: Miranda Peyton Jones
Category: Documentary

Year & Country: 2022, United Kingdom

Duration: 7 min
Synopsis: ‘Jeremy, my Father,’ is a poignant film which attempts to navigate bereavement following suicide. Through animation, archival footage, and sound, director Miranda Peyton Jones guides us to the heart of her grief, love and loss. The voices of her family and her father’s music underscore this deeply personal, powerful, and poignant film.
memories of sokobanja.jpg
Memoirs from Sokobanja 
Directed by: Dusan Popovic
Category: Documentary

Year & Country: 2021, Serbia

Duration: 8 min
Young woman is battling between a long lost love and a devouring uterus cancer.
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