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Directed by: Maurice HUVELIN

Category: Experimental, Short, Television, Web / New Media

Year & Country: 2021, France

Duration: 2 min
Synopsis: The art and the way to be bored.
Bas Paanch minute
Directed by: Sahil Tanveer

Category: Short, Web / New Media

Year & Country: 2021, India

Duration: 22 min
Synopsis: What happens when a little girl oversees her future through time machine? Meet Kyara, studying in 6th standard, who loves making lame excuses for not studying and going to school.
bas paanch minute.jpg
Directed by: José Ramón da Cruz

Category: Animation, Experimental, Short, Web / New Media

Year & Country: 2022, Spain

Duration: 20 min
Synopsis: ICONOPLEGIC is an exercise in video collage pieces where a very particular, socio-political and historicist artistic irony is applied and executed, a narrative and plastic irony that the author already began to develop in the work Beautytudes of 2018.
a far far.png
A Far Far Distant Place… episode 1
Directed by: Hunter Smit

Category: Animation, Web / New Media

Year & Country: 2021, United States

Duration: 9 min
Synopsis: After realizing his life is a mess Kevin decides he needs to clean himself up. Unfortunately that traps him in a whole whole new life.
salut gadou.jpg
Salut, Gadou!
Directed by: Hélène Matte, Jérémie Thibault

Category: Feature, Web / New Media

Year & Country: 2022, Canada

Duration: 38 min
Synopsis: Salut, Gadou! is a fictitious tribute to the Saint-Jean-Baptiste neighbourhood’s history of community involvement (downtown Quebec). It is based on a novel by the same name by Malcolm Reid, published in 1982. Reid’s novel was inspired by the neighbourhood’s Saint-Gabriel movement (1976) and the operation to rescue what is now the community’s youth centre.
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