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20-31 January, 2016

40 Weeks... And a Half!
Directed by: Lourdes Alcaniz, Luis Perea
Category: Web
Year & Country: 2015, United States
Duration: 22 min
Synopsis: “40 Weeks… And a Half!” or “¡40 Semanas... ¡y Media!” Web Series uses all of today´s engagement tools to educate Hispanic parent´s-to-be about how to have a successful pregnancy. The combination of humor, cultural themes, transmedia resources, and medical expertise provides a powerful learning and entertaining experience for Hispanic viewers. 
Directed by: Ishwar L. Maisuria
Category: Web
Year & Country: 2015, Canada
Duration: 4
Synopsis: John Fischer photographs affairs for a private investigator. A new client wants more than just photos of her husbands infidelity. Her grand plan is to have an affair herself, get John to photograph it, all to spite her husband. The lies, deception, and the cold truth about this Femme Fatale will leave John devastated to the core...
North Coast 500
Directed by: Laughton / Miranda
Category: Documentary, Web
Year & Country: 2015, United Kingdom
Duration: 7 min
SynopsisThree Cyclists from CC Ashwell take on North Coast 500 - an epic Scottish Highlands adventure.
Directed by: Derek Wilson
Category: Web
Year & Country: 2014, United States
Duration: 23 min
SynopsisZoe’s plan is simple: attend an AA meeting, get a chip, don’t let anyone find out. A hiccup arises when she finds her roommate, Autumn, has been covertly executing the same plan for months. After one last night of all-out drunken debauchery together, the pair discover just how complicated their simple plan for recovery may be.
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