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20-31 January, 2016

Finding Refuge
Directed by: Torsten Kjellstrand, Rob Finch, Jamie Francis
Category: Documentary
Year & Country: 2015, United States
Duration: 25 min
SynopsisThe efforts of one dying woman to preserve her Native culture don’t end when she passes, but prompts a renewal in finding pride in that culture. She confronts the violent event over two centuries ago that began the destruction of her people and the shame that colonialism created.
Website: N/A
Jenny Fandel: From Behind the Desk
Directed by: Dalton Wiechmann, Daniel Murphy
Category: Documentary, Music Video
Year & Country: 2015, United States
Duration: 10 min
SynopsisFor as long as she could remember, Jenny Fandel has always wanted to impact the world through music. As most people experience, the childhood dream faded as life moved past her in the blink of an eye. Now 42 years old and taking attendance in a Midwestern high school, Jenny feels stuck behind the desk. 
Last Day of Freedom
Directed by: Dee Hibbert-Jones, Nomi Talisman
Category: Animation, Documentary
Year & Country: 2015, United States
Duration: 31 min
SynopsisWhen Bill realizes his brother Manny has committed a crime he agonizes over his decision- should he call the police? Last Day of Freedom, a richly animated personal narrative, tells the story of Bill’s decision to stand by his brother in the face of war, crime and capital punishment. The film is a portrait of a man at the nexus of the most pressing social issues of our day – veterans’ care, mental health access and criminal justice
North Coast 500
Directed by: Laughton / Miranda
Category: Documentary, Web
Year & Country: 2015, United Kingdom
Duration: 7 min
SynopsisThree Cyclists from CC Ashwell take on North Coast 500 - an epic Scottish Highlands adventure.
The Dog Walkers of Buenos Aires
Directed by: Peter Wilson
Category: Documentary
Year & Country: 2015, Australia
Duration: 30 min
SynopsisThe art of walking 25 dogs at once and a 4 wheeled bicycle for our 4 legged best friend: the untold story of the Dog Walkers of Buenos Aires.
Website: N/A
Directed by: Hark Y
Category: Documentary
Year & Country: 2015, China
Duration: 28 min
SynopsisA documentary about the biggest pro-democracy movement in the history of Hong Kong
Website: N/A
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