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Before the beauty is gone
Directed by: Mackai Sharp
Category: Documentary

Year & Country: 2021, Canada

Duration: 14 min
Synopsis: An unfortunate reality: our fish are disappearing. Not our Salmon or our Halibut, but those will soon follow. Forage fish, a key segment of the marine food chain, is vanishing off the coast of British Columbia.
Directed by: Meg Dupont
Category: Documentary

Year & Country: 2021, United Kingdom

Duration: 5 min
Synopsis: A biographical 2D animation following the realisation of a missed opportunity to make a connection with a relative after attending their funeral digitally during the pandemic.
7:59 Mile End
Directed by: Mattias Graham
Category: Documentary

Country: Canada, 2021

Duration: 9 min
Synopsis: A documentary portrait of two night workers in the Mile End neighbourhood of Montreal, QC, pairing reflections on the historic 8pm – 5am curfew and the importance of agency over our time.
The Bears 
Directed by: Alin Duruian
Category: Documentary

Year & Country: 2020, Romania

Duration: 22 min
In the village of Rucăr, people are dealing with the problem of the bears that come from the woods and damage their households.
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